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Cristobal Petrovich is the Recipient of the 2015 Gruber Foundation Fellowship

The 2015 Gruber Foundation Fellowship recipient is Cristobal Petrovich from Chile, who will spend the fellowship period at CITA (Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics) and the Center for Planetary Science at the University of Toronto, where the study of exoplanets is a very active research field. He plans to extend some of the theories of planet migration by taking into account t…

Peter Martin awarded CASCA Executive Award for Outstanding Service

Dr.  Peter G. Martin has been awarded the CASCA Executive Award for Outstanding Service for 2014.

“The CASCA Executive Award for Outstanding Service is awarded to an individual who has made sustained contributions in service that have strengthened the Canadian astronomical community and enhanced its impact regionally, nationally and/or internationally. This may include, but is not limited to,…

Professor Harald Pfeiffer Awarded Ontario Early Researcher Award

University of Toronto Professor Harald Pfeiffer is a recipient of the Ontario government’s Early Researcher Award. Ontario’s Ministry of Economic Development & Innovation made the announcement May 1st, 2014.

The Early Researcher Award recognizes recently appointed, promising scientists in Ontario. The award comes with prize money to help build a team of support, including undergraduat…

CITA co-founder, Professor Peter G. Martin, FRSC, is honored

CASCA recognizes Martin with the 2014 Executive Award for Outstanding Service for his sustained contributions to astronomy in Canada 

The Canadian Astronomical Society President Laura Ferrarese made the announcement today with evident pleasure. “For more than four decades, Dr. Martin has been a driving force and steadfast supporter of astronomy in Canada,” she said. “In bestowing t…

Marcelo Alvarez is the recipient of the 2013 Jeffrey L. Bishop Fellowship

Alvarez was awarded the Bishop Fellowship for his outstanding work in cosmology, particularly his recent research on how the universe was re-ionized by energetic small galaxies so efficient they eventually could no longer form. He explained his work this way:

“We think the universe was re-ionized about a billion years after the Big Bang which meant that the first stars that formed heated a…

Francois Foucart is the recipient of the 2013 Beatrice and Vincent Tremaine Fellowship

Foucart is the 15th recipient of the Tremaine Fellowship which is awarded annually at the Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics. He was selected for his outstanding work in numerical simulations in general relativity. In particular Foucart is studying mergers of black holes and neutron stars, and the long-term evolution of accretion disks.

At the time of the award, he had published…

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