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CITA celebrates the election of five CITAzens as Fellows of the American Physical Society

The APS Fellowship Program was created to recognize members of the American Physical Society who have made advances in physics through original research and publication, made significant innovative contributions in the application of physics to science and technology or have made significant contributions to the teaching of physics.



Congratulations to this year’s APS Fellows Elect!

Arif Babul [2023] 
University of Victoria

Citation: For advances in astrophysics from galaxy formation and gravitational lensing to cosmic strings and warm dark matter. In particular, for increasing the understanding of the assembly and evolution of galaxy groups/clusters.
Nominated by: DAP

Adrienne L. Erickcek [2023]
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Citation: For theoretical contributions spanning cosmology, including inflation, cosmic acceleration, and dark matter, with a key focus on understanding primordial density perturbations on small distance scales.
Nominated by: DAP

Maxim Lyutikov [2023]
Purdue University
Citation: For pioneering contributions to relativistic plasma astrophysics, greatly advancing our understanding of astrophysically important plasma processes such as relativistic magnetic reconnection and the coherent generation of radiation around compact objects.
Nominated by: GPAP

Harald Pfeiffer [2023]
Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute)
Citation: For leadership and numerous high-impact research contributions to the field of numerical relativity, which have greatly helped to interpret gravitational-wave observations of binary black holes.
Nominated by: DGRAV

Adam Ritz [2023]
University of Victoria
Citation: For important theory contributions toward understanding the relic density of baryonic and dark matter in the universe, for discovering novel astrophysical and terrestrial signatures of dark matter and dark forces, and for improving our understanding of the dynamics of quantum field theories.
Nominated by: DPF

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