Conference Support

The aim of this program is to promote interaction, collaboration, and exchange of scientific results within the Canadian and international astrophysics communities. The program stimulates the organization of scientific workshops and conferences within Canada and helps defray some of the costs.

For more information on the types of events supported by CITA and how to apply for funding, please visit:


Conferences Supported in 2018-2019:


CITA, University of Toronto
Organizer: Hsiu-Hsien Lin & Ue-Li Pen
November 30, 2018

Canadian Conference for Undergrad Women in Physics (CCUWiP)

University of Ottawa
Organizer: Ras-Jeevan Obhi
January 18-20, 2019

Testing Gravity 2019 (TG2019)

SFU Harbour Centre, Vancouver
Organizer: Levon Pogosian
January 24-26, 2019

AstroTours Earth Hour

University of Toronto
Organizer: Alysa Obertas
March 30, 2019


Perimeter Institute
Organizer: Alex van Engelen
April 2, 2019


CITA/Dunlap, University of Toronto
Organizer: Hsiu-Hsien Lin & Ue-Li Pen
June 6, 2019

CASCA 2019

McGill University
Organizer: Nicolas Cowan
June 17-21, 2019

Women in Physics Canada (WIPC)

McGill University
Organizer: Hope Boyce
June 25-28, 2019

Space Climate 7 Symposium

Orford, QC
Organizer: Paul Charbonneau
July 8-11, 2019