Conference Support

The aim of this program is to promote interaction, collaboration, and exchange of scientific results within the Canadian and international astrophysics communities. The program stimulates the organization of scientific workshops and conferences within Canada and helps defray some of the costs.

For more information on the types of events supported by CITA and how to apply for funding, please visit:


Conferences Supported in 2017-2018:

Pulsar Scintillometry with VLBI

CITA, University of Toronto
Organizer: Viswesh Marthi
October 16-20, 2017

Canadian Undergrad Physics Conference 2017 (CUPC)

Carleton University
Organizer: Otto Chan
October 20-24, 2017

AstroTours Earth Hour

University of Toronto
Organizer: Deborah Lokhorst
March 24, 2018

UofT Science Rendezvous 2018

University of Toronto
May 12, 2018

Theory Canada 13

Saint Francis Xavier University
Organizer: Karl-Peter Marzlin
June 7-10, 2018

Joint Canada-Asia Pacific Conference on General Relativity

University of Alberta
Organizer: Manu Paranjape
June 25-29, 2018

Physics of Galaxy Scaling Relations and the Nature of Dark Matter

Queen’s University
Organizer: Stephane Courteau
July 15-20, 2018