Photo of Rachael Alexandroff
Rachael Alexandroff
Post Doctoral Fellow Multi-wavelength astronomy; extragalactic astronomy, galaxy evolution, quasar feedback
Work AB 205
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Photo of Daniel Baker
Daniel Baker
Graduate Student Pulsar Scintillation and Black Holes as testing grounds for Quantum Gravity
Work MP 1305 Work Phone: (416) 978 5946
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Photo of Philippe Berger
Philippe Berger
Graduate Student Cosmology, large scale structure, and non-gaussianity with the 21 cm line
Work MP 1405 Work Phone: (416) 978-5794
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Photo of J. Richard Bond
J. Richard Bond
Professor Astrophysics & Cosmology – Physics of the Very Early Universe; Origin and Evolution of Cosmic Structure; Cosmic Radiation Backgrounds; The Dark Matter & Dark Energy Problems; Particle and Gravitational Theory
Work MP 1419 Work Phone: (416) 978-6874 Website:
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Photo of Patrick Breysse
Patrick Breysse
Post Doctoral Fellow Cosmology, intensity mapping, large-scale structure, galaxy evolution
Home MP 1302
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Photo of Matthew Caplan
Matthew Caplan
National Fellow Astromaterials, neutron star crusts, neutron star mergers, explosive nucleosynthesis, nuclear pasta, biological membranes
Work McGill University Website:
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Photo of John Dubinski
John Dubinski
Computing Manager
Work MP 1408 Work Phone: 416-946-7290 Website:
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Candace Duong
Business Officer
Work MP 1404B Work Phone: 416-978-1980
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Photo of Simon Foreman
Simon Foreman
Post Doctoral Fellow Cosmology: large scale structure, weak lensing, testing fundamental physics
Work MP 1415 Website:
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Photo of Shenglin Jing
Shenglin Jing
Graduate Student High-energy astrophysics, cosmology
Work MP 1212 Work Phone: (416) 978-6259
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Jenny Jung
Administrative Officer
Work MP 1403 Work Phone: 416-978-6879
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Photo of Laura Keating
Laura Keating
Post Doctoral Fellow Cosmology, Intergalactic Medium, Reionization, Numerical Simulations
Home MP 1421
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Photo of Alexander Kostenko
Alexander Kostenko
Graduate Student Neutron stars, magnetars, post-Newtonian physics, dark sector physics, cosmology
Work AB 127 Work Phone: (416) 884-5188
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Photo of Gunjan Lakhlani
Gunjan Lakhlani
Graduate Student Astrophysics, Galaxy Formation
Work MP 1305 Work Phone: (416) 978-5946
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Photo of Chervin Laporte
Chervin Laporte
National Fellow Structure, formation and evolution of the Milky Way and its satellites; nature and distribution of dark matter, cosmological simulations
Work University of Victoria
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Photo of Dongzi Li
Dongzi Li
Graduate Student Cosmology
Work MP 1405 Work Phone: (416) 978-5794
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Photo of Fei Li
Fei Li
Graduate student
Work MP 1416 Work Phone: (416) 978-5759
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Photo of Fang Xi Lin
Fang Xi Lin
Graduate Student Pulsars
Home MP1405 Home Phone: (416) 978-5794 Website:
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Photo of Robert Main
Robert Main
Graduate Student Pulsar Scintillation
Work MP 1203A Work Phone: N/A
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Photo of Viswesh Marthi
Viswesh Marthi
Post Doctoral Fellow Techniques for 21-cm cosmology, VLBI Scintillometry
Work MP 1415
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Photo of Peter Martin
Peter Martin
Professor Galactic Ecology, Star Formation, Dust Evolution, Gaseous Nebulae; using BLAST, Planck, Herschel Space Observatory (SPIRE and HIFI), JWST/ NIRCAM, International Galactic Plane Survey
Work MP 1417 Work Phone: (416) 978-6840 Website:
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Photo of James Mertens
James Mertens
National Fellow Numerical relativity, cosmology
Work York University
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Thomas Morrison
Graduate Student Physics
Home MP 1318 Work Phone: (416) 978-5861
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Photo of Norman Murray
Norman Murray
Professor Nonlinear Dynamics, Solar System Dynamics, Solar Physics, Active Galactic Nuclei
Work MP 1402 Work Phone: (416) 978-1778 Website:
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Photo of Alysa Obertas
Alysa Obertas
Graduate Student Planetary astronomy: dynamics and stability, formation, atmospheres, interior structure
Work AB 203 Work Phone: (416) 978-7104
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Photo of Ue-Li Pen
Ue-Li Pen
Interim Director What are the initial conditions for the universe? How can we improve astrophysics measurement techniques by orders of magnitude to answer precise questions, e.g. neutrino mass, gravitational waves, pulsar emission?
Work MP 1317 Work Phone: (416) 978-6477 Website:
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Photo of Cristobal Petrovich
Cristobal Petrovich
Post Doctoral Fellow Gravitational dynamics, exoplanets, and accretion disks
Work MP 1301 Work Phone: 416-978-6852 Website:
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Photo of Jamil Shariff
Jamil Shariff
Post Doctoral Fellow Cosmology: Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) polarization. Instrumentation including bolometric arrays and balloon-borne astrophysical experiments. Analysis of large CMB data sets.
Work MP 1312 Work Phone: 416-978-8494 Website:
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Photo of Dana Simard
Dana Simard
Graduate Student Pulsar scintillation and the interstellar medium. Can we predict pulsar scintillation?
Work MP 1318 Work Phone: (416) 978-5861 Website:
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Photo of Ayushi Singh
Ayushi Singh
Graduate Student Interstellar medium and early stages of star formation
Work AB 125 Work Phone: (416) 978-3148
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Photo of George Stein
George Stein
Graduate Student Cosmology, Large Scale Structure, High Performance Computing
Work MP 1405 Work Phone: (416) 978-5794 Website:
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Photo of Chris Thompson
Chris Thompson
Professor high-energy astrophysics, neutron stars, magnetars
Work MP 1316 Work Phone: (416) 978-8784
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Photo of Terrence Tricco
Terrence Tricco
Post Doctoral Fellow Star formation, computational astrophysics, magnetohydrodynamics
Home MP 1421 Home Phone: (416) 978-8496 Website:
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Photo of Alex Van Engelen
Alex Van Engelen
Post Doctoral Fellow Cosmic structure formation and cosmic microwave background
Work MP 1405A Work Phone: (416) 978-6872 Website: Research
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Photo of Trevor Vincent
Trevor Vincent
Graduate Student Numerical Relativity, Gravitational Waves, N-body simulations, High Performance Computing
Work MP 1416 Home Phone: (416) 978-5759
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Photo of Xin Wang
Xin Wang
Post Doctoral Fellow Large-scale structure, cosmological perturbation theory, modified gravity, early universe
Work MP 1304 Home Phone: 416-978-6852
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Photo of Matthew Wilson
Matthew Wilson
Graduate Student Early Universe Cosmology
Home MP 1201B
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Photo of CJ Woodford
CJ Woodford
Graduate Student Binary Black Holes, Numerical Relativity
Home MP 1416
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Photo of Hanbo Wu
Hanbo Wu
Graduate Student Planetary Physics, Atmospherical Thermal Tides
Work MP 1405 Work Phone: (416) 978-5794
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Photo of Almog Yalinewich
Almog Yalinewich
Post Doctoral Fellow Self Similar Solutions to the hydrodynamic equations, galactic centre, supernovae, tidal disruption events, gamma ray bursts and plasma physics.
Work MP 1302
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Photo of Tova Yoast-Hull
Tova Yoast-Hull
Post Doctoral Fellow Cosmic Rays & Gamma-Rays & Neutrinos, Star-Forming Galaxies, Active Galactic Nuclei, Galactic Outflows
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Claire Sun Woo Yoon
Project Assistant
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Photo of Claire Yu
Claire Yu
HPC Specialist & System Administrator
Home MP 1410 Work Phone: 416-978-1261
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Photo of Haoran Yu
Haoran Yu
Post Doctoral Fellow Cosmological structure formation, high performance cosmological simulation
Work MP 1301 Work Phone: (416) 978-3863 Website:
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Photo of Jielai Zhang
Jielai Zhang
Graduate Student Galaxy evolution
Home AB 206A Home Phone: (416) 978-7123
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Photo of Wei Zhu
Wei Zhu
Post Doctoral Fellow Gravitational microlensing, planet detections and charaterization, planet-star correlations, dynamics
Work MP 1301 Website:
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