Photo of Daniel Baker
Daniel Baker
Graduate Student Pulsar Scintillation and Black Holes as testing grounds for Quantum Gravity
Work MP 1305
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Photo of J. Richard Bond
J. Richard Bond
Professor Astrophysics & Cosmology – Physics of the Very Early Universe; Origin and Evolution of Cosmic Structure; Cosmic Radiation Backgrounds; The Dark Matter & Dark Energy Problems; Particle and Gravitational Theory
Work MP 1419 Work Phone: (416) 978-6874 Website:
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Photo of Jonathan Braden
Jonathan Braden
Post Doctoral Fellow Cosmology, Early Universe, Inflation, Primordial Gravitational Waves, Analog cold atom systems for cosmology
Work MP 1421 Website:
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Photo of Katie Breivik
Katie Breivik
Post Doctoral Fellow Binary star evolution, compact binary populations, and gravitational waves
Work MP 1304 Website:
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Photo of Patrick Breysse
Patrick Breysse
Post Doctoral Fellow Cosmology, intensity mapping, large-scale structure, galaxy evolution
Work MP 1302 Website:
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Photo of Nathan Carlson
Nathan Carlson
Graduate Student Cosmology, Theoretical Physics, General RelativityPhysics
Work MP 1318
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Photo of Zhuo Chen
Zhuo Chen
National Fellow Binary star, Computational astrophysics, Common envelope
Work University of Alberta Website:
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Photo of John Dubinski
John Dubinski
Computing Manager
Work MP 1408 Work Phone: 416-946-7290 Website:
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Candace Duong
Business Officer
Work MP 1404B Work Phone: 416-978-1980
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Photo of Raphaël Errani
Raphaël Errani
National Fellow Dark matter substructures, Dwarf galaxies, Tidal evolution, Controlled simulations
Work University of Victoria Website:
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Photo of Sarah Gossan
Sarah Gossan
Post Doctoral Fellow Multi-messenger astrophysics with core-collapse supernovae and other high-energy transients
Work MP 1310
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Photo of Nina Gusinskaia
Nina Gusinskaia
Post Doctoral Fellow Multi-wavelength observations of accreting neutron stars and radio pulsars, pulsar scintillometry, radio interferometry, theories of gravity (tests of GR and alternatives)
Work MP 1207
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Photo of Jibran Haider
Jibran Haider
Graduate Student Astronomy & Astrophysics
Work MP 1405
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Photo of Adam Hincks
Adam Hincks
Observational cosmology
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Photo of Fergus Horrobin
Fergus Horrobin
Graduate Student Planet formation, planetary disk dynamics, hydrodynamics, tides in planets and starsAstronomy & Astrophysics
Work MP 1318 Website:
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Photo of MJ Huang
MJ Huang
System Administrator and Parallel Programmer
Work MP 1413 Work Phone: 416-978-1776
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Photo of José Miguel Jáuregui García
José Miguel Jáuregui García
Post Doctoral Fellow Astronomical Instrumentation, 21-cm
Work MP 1312
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Photo of Shenglin Jing
Shenglin Jing
Graduate Student High-energy astrophysics, cosmology
Work MP 1212 Work Phone: (416) 978-6259
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Photo of Dylan Jow
Dylan Jow
Graduate Student cosmology, gravitational waves, gravity
Work MP 1201
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Photo of Jenny Jung
Jenny Jung
Administrative Officer
Work MP 1403 Work Phone: 416-978-6879
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Photo of Laura Keating
Laura Keating
Post Doctoral Fellow Cosmology, Intergalactic Medium, Reionization, Numerical Simulations
Work MP 1421
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Photo of Alexander Kostenko
Alexander Kostenko
Graduate Student Neutron stars, magnetars, post-Newtonian physics, dark sector physics, cosmology
Work MP 1318
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Photo of Alex Laguë
Alex Laguë
Graduate Student Cosmology, ultra-light axions, fuzzy dark matter, and large-scale structure formation using high performance computing
Work MP 1416 Website:
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Photo of Dongzi Li
Dongzi Li
Graduate Student Cosmology
Work MP 1405
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Photo of Fei Li
Fei Li
Graduate student
Work MP 1416
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Photo of Xinyu Li
Xinyu Li
Post Doctoral Fellow high energy astrophysics, cosmology, plasma astrophysics
Work MP 1312
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Photo of Seunghwan Lim
Seunghwan Lim
National Fellow Galaxy evolution, Dark matter halos, Large scale structure, Cosmology
Work University of British Columbia Website:
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Photo of Fang Xi Lin
Fang Xi Lin
Graduate Student Pulsars
Work MP1405 Website:
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Photo of Hsiu-Hsien Lin
Hsiu-Hsien Lin
Post Doctoral Fellow Fast Radio Bursts, Pulsar Astronomy, and VLBI
Work MP 1413 Work Phone: (416) 978-1776
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Photo of Martine Lokken
Martine Lokken
Graduate Student Cosmology, Large Scale Structure
Work AB 230
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Photo of Jing Luo
Jing Luo
Post Doctoral Fellow Scintillometry, Pulsar Timing, Fast Radio Bursts
Work MP 1207
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Photo of Antoine Marchal
Antoine Marchal
Post Doctoral Fellow Interstellar medium : HI, multiphase ISM, turbulence, optimization algorithms
Work MP 1415
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Photo of Peter Martin
Peter Martin
Professor Galactic Ecology, Star Formation, Dust Evolution, Gaseous Nebulae; using BLAST, Planck, Herschel Space Observatory (SPIRE and HIFI), JWST/ NIRCAM, International Galactic Plane Survey
Work MP 1417 Work Phone: (416) 978-6840 Website:
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Photo of James McKee
James McKee
Post Doctoral Fellow Pulsar timing, scintillometry
Work MP 1310
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Photo of Jordan Mirocha
Jordan Mirocha
National Fellow First stars & black holes, galaxy formation & evolution, stellar feedback, reionization, 21-cm cosmology
Work McGill University
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Photo of Thomas Morrison
Thomas Morrison
Graduate Student Physics
Work MP 1318
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Photo of Pavel Motloch
Pavel Motloch
Post Doctoral Fellow Theoretical and observational cosmology
Work MP 1303 Work Phone: (416) 978-6877
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Photo of Norman Murray
Norman Murray
Professor Nonlinear Dynamics, Solar System Dynamics, Solar Physics, Active Galactic Nuclei
Work MP 1402 Work Phone: (416) 978-1778 Website:
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Photo of Alysa Obertas
Alysa Obertas
Graduate Student Dynamics, stability, and architecture of compact systems of exoplanets
Work AB 203 Website:
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Photo of Hamsa Padmanabhan
Hamsa Padmanabhan
Post Doctoral Fellow Cosmology, structure formation in the universe, cosmic neutral hydrogen, reionization, the intergalactic medium
Work MP 1303 Work Phone: (416) 978-6877 Website:
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Photo of Ue-Li Pen
Ue-Li Pen
Interim Director What are the initial conditions for the universe? How can we improve astrophysics measurement techniques by orders of magnitude to answer precise questions, e.g. neutrino mass, gravitational waves, pulsar emission?
Work MP 1317 Work Phone: (416) 978-6477 Website:
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Photo of Thierry Serafin Nadeau
Thierry Serafin Nadeau
Graduate Student Astronomy
Work MP 1212
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Photo of Ayushi Singh
Ayushi Singh
Graduate Student Interstellar medium and early stages of star formation
Work AB 125 Work Phone: (416) 978-3148
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Photo of Chris Thompson
Chris Thompson
Professor high-energy astrophysics, neutron stars, magnetars
Work MP 1316 Work Phone: (416) 978-8784
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Photo of Emily Tyhurst
Emily Tyhurst
Graduate Student N-body simulations, theoretical cosmology, quantum computation
Work MP 904 Website:
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Photo of James Willis
James Willis
CHIME-CIRADA Computing Specialist
Work MP 1401 Work Phone: 416-978-1777
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Photo of CJ Woodford
CJ Woodford
Graduate Student Binary Black Holes, Numerical Relativity
Work MP 1416
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Photo of Hanbo Wu
Hanbo Wu
Graduate Student Planetary Physics, Atmospherical Thermal Tides
Work MP 1102
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Photo of Almog Yalinewich
Almog Yalinewich
Post Doctoral Fellow Self Similar Solutions to the hydrodynamic equations, galactic centre, supernovae, tidal disruption events, gamma ray bursts and plasma physics.
Work MP 1302 Website:
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Photo of John Zanazzi
John Zanazzi
Post Doctoral Fellow Protoplanetary disk/exoplanetary dynamics, compact objects, geophysics
Work MP 1404C Website:
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Jonathan Zhang
Graduate Student Fast Radio BurstsPhysics
Work MP 906A
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Photo of Wei Zhu
Wei Zhu
Post Doctoral Fellow Gravitational microlensing, planet detections and charaterization, planet-star correlations, dynamics
Work MP 1301 Website:
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