Past Events

GBT Intensity Mapping Collaboration Analysis Meeting

Date: October 10th to October 13th, 2017

Location: McLennan Physics Labs, 15th floor, University of Toronto, 60 St. George Street

Organizers:  Ue-Li Pen, Philippe Berger, Kiyo Masui

Participants:  Kiyo Masui, Laura Wolz, Victor Liao, Chris Anderson, Jeff Peterson, Ue-Li Pen, Phil Berger, Nick Luciw, Viswesh Ram Marthi, Xin Wang, Patrick Breysse


09:00 EST…

Professional Development Workshop for Grads

Date: June 17, 2016

Location: McLennan Physics Labs, Physics Lounge (MP 110), University of Toronto, 60 St. George Street

Participants:  33 participants in total. click here for more details


13:00 – 13:15 – Registration & Intro

13:15 – 14:00 – Career Exploration and U of T Resources for Grads

14:00 – 14:45 – Career in consulting

14:45 – 15:00 -…

Star Men at Bloor Hot Docs Cinema

A documentary sponsored by CITA, the Dunlap Institute, and the Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics will be playing at the Bloor Hot Doc Cinema in Toronto in the coming weeks.

Written and directed by Alison Rose, the film follows four prominent astronomers on a trip down memory lane during a road trip through southwestern United States. A Q&A session with the director…

Sackler Lecture: The Fourth Paradigm – How Big Data is Changing Science

Sackler Speaker: Alexander Szalay (Johns Hopkins University)

Abstract: The talk will describe how science is changing as a result of the vast amounts of data we are collecting from gene sequencers to telescopes and supercomputers. This “Fourth Paradigm of Science”, predicted by Jim Gray, is moving at full speed, and is transforming one scientific area after…

Sackler Technical Talk: Redshift-Space Distortions in the Galaxy Distribution

Sackler Speaker: Alexander Szalay (Johns Hopkins University)

Abstract: The talk will discuss how redshift space distortions due to the motion of galaxies affect a feature in the correlation function due to Baryon Acoustic Oscillations.  The talk will also present results from analyzing the SDSS Main Galaxy Survey. We will discuss the impact of using unusual geometries in computing t…

CITA Jamboree 2015

The annual CITA Jamboree not only provides a compact overview of the exciting happenings at CITA to our incoming students and postdocs, but also gives CITAzens a chance to share their research with U of T’s astronomy/astrophysics/physics community.

This year, the Jamboree took place on Wed, Oct 7, 2015. We had a great turnout of students, postdocs, and faculty from various fields who listened…


This is an ongoing series of meetings between researchers at Perimeter Institute and CITA. The goal of this meeting is to share new ideas and encourage interaction in our common fields of interest through a series of informal talks followed by discussions. The theme of this meeting will be Fast Radio Bursts (FRB’s).

Date: Sept 16, 2016
Time: 10 am – 5 pm
Location: McLennan Physics Building…

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