Recent Publications

  1. Jeffreson, Sarah M. R.: On the scale-height of the molecular gas disc in Milky Way-like galaxies
  2. Ma, Xiaoyi: Identification of stellar-mass black hole binaries and the validity of linear orbital motion approximation in microlensing
  3. Chung, Dongwoo T.: Cross-correlations between mm-wave line-intensity mapping and weak-lensing surveys: preliminary consideration of long-term prospects
  4. Liu, K.: Detection of quasi-periodic micro-structure in three millisecond pulsars with the Large European Array for Pulsars
  5. Reina-Campos, Marta: Radial distributions of globular clusters trace their host dark matter halo: insights from the E-MOSAICS simulations
  6. Thomsen, Mette Ramsgaard: Towards a transformational eco-metabolistic bio-based design framework in architecture
  7. Zhu, Wei: Two Candidate KH 15D-like Systems from the Zwicky Transient Facility
  8. Pandey, S.: Cross-correlation of Dark Energy Survey Year 3 lensing data with ACT and P l a n c k thermal Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect observations. II. Modeling and constraints on halo pressure profiles
  9. Gatti, M.: Cross-correlation of Dark Energy Survey Year 3 lensing data with ACT and Planck thermal Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect observations. I. Measurements, systematics tests, and feedback model constraints
  10. Park, Minjung: On the formation of massive quiescent galaxies with diverse morphologies in the TNG50 simulation
  11. Zang, Weicheng: OGLE-2018-BLG-0799Lb: a q 2.7 × 10<SUP>-3</SUP> planet with Spitzer parallax
  12. Yalinewich, Almog: Plug disintegration in gamma-ray burst jet eruption
  13. Brandner, Wolfgang: High-contrast, high-angular resolution view of the GJ 367 exoplanet system
  14. Tamayo, Daniel: A Criterion for the Onset of Chaos in Compact, Eccentric Multiplanet Systems
  15. Weinberg, David H.: Chemical Cartography with APOGEE: Mapping Disk Populations with a 2-process Model and Residual Abundances
  16. Abbott, R.: Narrowband Searches for Continuous and Long-duration Transient Gravitational Waves from Known Pulsars in the LIGO-Virgo Third Observing Run
  17. Wang, Lile: Dynamical Effects of Colliding Outflows in Binary Systems
  18. Rath, Jeremy: The Criterion for Chaos in Three-planet Systems
  19. Ocker, Stella Koch: The Large Dispersion and Scattering of FRB 20190520B Are Dominated by the Host Galaxy
  20. Gossan, Sarah: Exploring the multi-messenger Milky Way
  21. Landry, Philippe: Gravitational-wave Constraints on Neutron-star Matter
  22. Imig, Julie: 3D density modeling of the Milky Way disk
  23. Philip, Liju: COMAP Galactic Plane Survey and AME studies
  24. Filippini, J. P.: In-Flight Gain Monitoring of SPIDER's Transition-Edge Sensor Arrays
  25. Tamayo, Daniel: Celmech II: A universal integrable model for mean motion resonances in closely packed systems
  26. Hadden, Sam: Celestial mechanics with the celmech code
  27. Bannister, Michele: Interstellar planetesimals as diagnostics of galactic star-formation history
  28. Murray, Zachary: The Effects of Disk-induced Apsidal Precession on Planets Captured into Mean Motion Resonance
  29. Srivastava, Varun: Science-driven Tunable Design of Cosmic Explorer Detectors
  30. Fouvry, Jean-Baptiste: Secular Dynamics around a Supermassive black hole via Multipole Expansion
  31. Broderick, Avery E.: Characterizing and Mitigating Intraday Variability: Reconstructing Source Structure in Accreting Black Holes with mm-VLBI
  32. Georgiev, Boris: A Universal Power-law Prescription for Variability from Synthetic Images of Black Hole Accretion Flows
  33. Wielgus, Maciek: Millimeter Light Curves of Sagittarius A* Observed during the 2017 Event Horizon Telescope Campaign
  34. Farah, Joseph: Selective Dynamical Imaging of Interferometric Data
  35. EHT Collaboration: First Sagittarius A* Event Horizon Telescope Results. VI. Testing the Black Hole Metric
  36. EHT Collaboration: First Sagittarius A* Event Horizon Telescope Results. V. Testing Astrophysical Models of the Galactic Center Black Hole
  37. EHT Collaboration: First Sagittarius A* Event Horizon Telescope Results. IV. Variability, Morphology, and Black Hole Mass
  38. EHT Collaboration: First Sagittarius A* Event Horizon Telescope Results. III. Imaging of the Galactic Center Supermassive Black Hole
  39. EHT Collaboration: First Sagittarius A* Event Horizon Telescope Results. II. EHT and Multiwavelength Observations, Data Processing, and Calibration
  40. EHT Collaboration: First Sagittarius A* Event Horizon Telescope Results. I. The Shadow of the Supermassive Black Hole in the Center of the Milky Way
  41. Motloch, Pavel: Observational search for primordial chirality violations using galaxy angular momenta
  42. Motloch, Pavel: Correlating galaxy shapes and initial conditions: An observational study
  43. Breysse, Patrick C.: Mapping the Universe in hydrogen deuteride
  44. Dullemond, C. P.: On the equations of warped disc dynamics
  45. Chen, Yuran: Propagation of a strong fast wave in the magnetosphere of a neutron star
  46. Abdurro'uf: The Seventeenth Data Release of the Sloan Digital Sky Surveys: Complete Release of MaNGA, MaStar, and APOGEE-2 Data
  47. Zanazzi, J. J.: A Tale of Two Circularization Periods
  48. Cosens, Maren: Kinematics and Feedback in H II Regions in the Dwarf Starburst Galaxy IC 10
  49. Chen, Alexander Y.: Relativistic Alfvén Waves Entering Charge-starvation in the Magnetospheres of Neutron Stars
  50. Zhu, Hong-Ming: Cosmic Tidal Reconstruction with Halo Fields
  51. Leung, J. S. -Y.: A Simulation-based Method for Correcting Mode Coupling in CMB Angular Power Spectra
  52. Mall, G.: Modelling annual scintillation arc variations in PSR J1643-1224 using the Large European Array for Pulsars
  53. Hughes, Meghan E.: The physics governing the upper truncation mass of the globular cluster mass function
  54. Lane, James M. M.: The kinematic properties of Milky Way stellar halo populations
  55. Antoniadis, J.: The International Pulsar Timing Array second data release: Search for an isotropic gravitational wave background
  56. Baker, Daniel: Interstellar interferometry: precise curvature measurement from pulsar secondary spectra
  57. Hernandez, David M.: Stepsize errors in the N-body problem: discerning Mercury's true possible long-term orbits
  58. Rohr, Eric: The galaxy-halo size relation of low-mass galaxies in FIRE
  59. Phillips, Siân G.: APOGEE detection of N-rich stars in the tidal tails of Palomar 5
  60. Wolz, Laura: H I constraints from the cross-correlation of eBOSS galaxies and Green Bank Telescope intensity maps
  61. Trujillo-Gomez, Sebastian: The emergence of dark matter-deficient ultra-diffuse galaxies driven by scatter in the stellar mass-halo mass relation and feedback from globular clusters
  62. Hincks, Adam D.: A high-resolution view of the filament of gas between Abell 399 and Abell 401 from the Atacama Cosmology Telescope and MUSTANG-2
  63. Ade, P. A. R.: A Constraint on Primordial B-modes from the First Flight of the SPIDER Balloon-borne Telescope
  64. McKee, James W.: Probing the Local Interstellar Medium with Scintillometry of the Bright Pulsar B1133 + 16
  65. Campbell, J. L.: A Comparison of Multiphase Magnetic Field Tracers in a High Galactic Latitude Region of the Filamentary Interstellar Medium
  66. Yan, Shi: Measuring Microlensing Parallax via Simultaneous Observations from Chinese Space Station Telescope and Roman Telescope
  67. Pîrvu, Dalila: Bubble clustering in cosmological first order phase transitions
  68. Legred, Isaac: Implicit correlations within phenomenological parametric models of the neutron star equation of state
  69. Pingel, N. M.: GASKAP-HI pilot survey science I: ASKAP zoom observations of HI emission in the Small Magellanic Cloud
  70. Kirsten, F.: A repeating fast radio burst source in a globular cluster
  71. Purver, M.: Removal and replacement of interference in tied-array radio pulsar observations using the spectral kurtosis estimator
  72. Remorov, Andrey: The propagation of strong shocks into planetary and stellar atmospheres with graded density profiles
  73. Chalumeau, A.: Noise analysis in the European Pulsar Timing Array data release 2 and its implications on the gravitational-wave background search
  74. Čejka, Tomáš: Risk and reward of the global truffle sector under predicted climate change
  75. Gossan, Sarah E.: Optimizing the Third Generation of Gravitational-wave Observatories for Galactic Astrophysics
  76. Abazajian, Kevork: CMB-S4: Forecasting Constraints on Primordial Gravitational Waves
  77. Liu, Qing: A Method to Characterize the Wide-angle Point-Spread Function of Astronomical Images
  78. Dewberry, Janosz W.: Dynamical Tidal Love Numbers of Rapidly Rotating Planets and Stars
  79. Cassanelli, T.: Localizing FRBs through VLBI with the Algonquin Radio Observatory 10 m Telescope
  80. Bilous, A. V.: Dual-frequency single-pulse study of PSR B0950+08
  81. Yavetz, Tomer D.: Construction of wave dark matter halos: Numerical algorithm and analytical constraints
  82. Givans, Jahmour J.: Quantum Yield and Charge Diffusion in the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope Infrared Detectors
  83. Heitsch, F.: Mass, morphing, metallicities: the evolution of infalling high velocity clouds
  84. Trapp, Cameron W.: Gas infall and radial transport in cosmological simulations of milky way-mass discs
  85. Main, R. A.: Scintillation time-scale measurement of the highly active FRB20201124A
  86. Marthi, V. R.: Burst properties of the highly active FRB20201124A using uGMRT
  87. Laguë, A.: Constraining ultralight axions with galaxy surveys
  88. Satapathy, Kaushik: The Variability of the Black Hole Image in M87 at the Dynamical Timescale
  89. Shen, Jeff: The Mass of the Milky Way from the H3 Survey
  90. Lintott, Chris: Predicting the Water Content of Interstellar Objects from Galactic Star Formation Histories
  91. Parent, E.: Study of 72 Pulsars Discovered in the PALFA Survey: Timing Analysis, Glitch Activity, Emission Variability, and a Pulsar in an Eccentric Binary
  92. Landry, Philippe: The Mass Distribution of Neutron Stars in Gravitational-wave Binaries
  93. Rybicki, K. A.: Single-lens mass measurement in the high-magnification microlensing event Gaia19bld located in the Galactic disc
  94. Chen, S.: Common-red-signal analysis with 24-yr high-precision timing of the European Pulsar Timing Array: inferences in the stochastic gravitational-wave background search
  95. Pandya, Viraj: Characterizing mass, momentum, energy, and metal outflow rates of multiphase galactic winds in the FIRE-2 cosmological simulations
  96. Thulasiram, Parasar: Narrow-band giant pulses from the Crab pulsar
  97. Zhu, Ningfeng: Erratum: "The Simons Observatory Large Aperture Telescope Receiver" (2021, ApJS, 256, 23)
  98. CHIME/FRB Collaboration: The First CHIME/FRB Fast Radio Burst Catalog
  99. Naess, Sigurd: The Atacama Cosmology Telescope: A Search for Planet 9
  100. Chung, Dongwoo T.: A Model of Spectral Line Broadening in Signal Forecasts for Line-intensity Mapping Experiments
  101. Vayner, Andrey: Multiphase Outflows in High-redshift Quasar Host Galaxies
  102. Adhikari, Susmita: Probing Galaxy Evolution in Massive Clusters Using ACT and DES: Splashback as a Cosmic Clock
  103. Josephy, A.: No Evidence for Galactic Latitude Dependence of the Fast Radio Burst Sky Distribution
  104. Pleunis, Ziggy: Fast Radio Burst Morphology in the First CHIME/FRB Catalog
  105. Li, Yunyang: Constraining Cosmic Microwave Background Temperature Evolution With Sunyaev-Zel'Dovich Galaxy Clusters from the Atacama Cosmology Telescope
  106. Gambrel, A. E.: The XFaster Power Spectrum and Likelihood Estimator for the Analysis of Cosmic Microwave Background Maps
  107. Schoen, Eve: Scintillation Timescales of Bright FRBs Detected by CHIME/FRB
  108. Zang, Weicheng: An Earth-mass planet in a time of COVID-19: KMT-2020-BLG-0414Lb
  109. Lin, Fang Xi: Profile changes associated with dispersion measure events in PSR J1713+0747
  110. Shin, T.: The mass and galaxy distribution around SZ-selected clusters
  111. Jow, Dylan L.: Imaginary images and Stokes phenomena in the weak plasma lensing of coherent sources
  112. Khullar, Shivan: The density structure of supersonic self-gravitating turbulence
  113. Singh, Ayushi: Are Massive Dense Clumps Truly Subvirial? A New Analysis Using Gould Belt Ammonia Data
  114. Rafiei-Ravandi, Masoud: CHIME/FRB Catalog 1 Results: Statistical Cross-correlations with Large-scale Structure
  115. Nikakhtar, Farnik: New Families in our Solar Neighborhood: Applying Gaussian Mixture Models for Objective Classification of Structures in the Milky Way and in Simulations
  116. Marchal, Antoine: Resolving the Formation of Cold H I Filaments in the High-velocity Cloud Complex C
  117. Tamayo, Daniel: A Criterion for the Onset of Chaos in Compact, Eccentric Multiplanet Systems
  118. Yee, Jennifer C.: OGLE-2019-BLG-0960 Lb: the Smallest Microlensing Planet
  119. Kramer, M.: Strong-Field Gravity Tests with the Double Pulsar
  120. Dewberry, Janosz W.: Constraining Saturn's Interior with Ring Seismology: Effects of Differential Rotation and Stable Stratification
  121. Shao, Shi: The survival of globular clusters in a cuspy Fornax
  122. Marthi, V. R.: Scintillation of PSR B1508+55 – the view from a 10 000-km baseline
  123. Switzer, Eric R.: Experiment for cryogenic large-aperture intensity mapping: instrument design
  124. Dewberry, Janosz: Constraining Saturn's interior with ring seismology: effects of differential rotation and stable stratification
  125. Mckinven, R.: Polarization Pipeline for Fast Radio Bursts Detected by CHIME/FRB
  126. Vayner, Andrey: A Spatially Resolved Survey of Distant Quasar Host Galaxies. I. Dynamics of Galactic Outflows
  127. Wang, Jason J.: Detection and Bulk Properties of the HR 8799 Planets with High-resolution Spectroscopy
  128. Guo, Y. J.: PSR J2222−0137. I. Improved physical parameters for the system
  129. Gálvez Ghersi, José T.: Numerical renormalization-group-based approach to secular perturbation theory
  130. Lin, F. X.: Discovery and modelling of broad-scale plasma lensing in black-widow pulsar J2051 – 0827
  131. Zhu, Ningfeng: The Simons Observatory Large Aperture Telescope Receiver
  132. Abbott, B. P.: Erratum: "Searches for Continuous Gravitational Waves from 15 Supernova Remnants and Fomalhaut b with Advanced LIGO" (2019, ApJ, 875, 122)
  133. Aasi, J.: Erratum: "Searches for Continuous Gravitational Waves from Nine Young Supernova Remnants" (2015, ApJ, 813, 39)
  134. Zhu, Wei: Exoplanet Statistics and Theoretical Implications
  135. Vavagiakis, E. M.: The Atacama Cosmology Telescope: Probing the baryon content of SDSS DR15 galaxies with the thermal and kinematic Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effects
  136. Calafut, V.: The Atacama Cosmology Telescope: Detection of the pairwise kinematic Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect with SDSS DR15 galaxies
  137. McDonald, I.: Kepler K2 Campaign 9 – I. Candidate short-duration events from the first space-based survey for planetary microlensing
  138. Tremaine, Scott: Thermal equilibrium of an ideal gas in a free-floating box
  139. Kondo, Iona: OGLE-2018-BLG-1185b: A Low-mass Microlensing Planet Orbiting a Low-mass Dwarf
  140. Planck Collaboration: Planck 2018 results. VI. Cosmological parameters (Corrigendum)
  141. Bondonneau, L.: Pulsars with NenuFAR: Backend and pipelines
  142. Yalinewich, Almog: Crater morphology of primordial black hole impacts
  143. Li, Xinyu: Erratum: Simulation of a compact object with outflows moving through a gaseous background
  144. Mallaby-Kay, Maya: The Atacama Cosmology Telescope: Summary of DR4 and DR5 Data Products and Data Access
  145. CHIME/Pulsar Collaboration: The CHIME Pulsar Project: System Overview
  146. Fonseca, E.: Refined Mass and Geometric Measurements of the High-mass PSR J0740+6620
  147. Li, Xinyu: Fast Dissipation of Colliding Alfvén Waves in a Magnetically Dominated Plasma
  148. Main, Robert: Resolving the Emission Regions of the Crab Pulsar's Giant Pulses
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  150. Naess, Sigurd: The Atacama Cosmology Telescope: Detection of Millimeter-wave Transient Sources
  151. Ali-Dib, Mohamad: The Rarity of Very Red Trans-Neptunian Objects in the Scattered Disk