CITA Inc. Subcommittees

Current CITA Inc. Subcommittees

  • CITA Inc. Subcommittee on Computation
  • CITA Inc. Subcommittee on Displaced Scholars
  • CITA Inc. Subcommittee on Particle Astrophysics & Fundamental Physics

CITA Inc. Subcommittee on Computation

Chair: Falk Herwig
Current Members: Falk Herwig, Catherine Lovkin; Rodrigo Fernandez, James Taylor, Brett Gladman, James Wadsley, Bart Ripperda

This advisory committee is charged with evaluating the National landscape for computing with a specific eye on computational astrophysics. It is charged with understanding and evaluating the needs within the CITA Inc. National community not only for the infrastructure and support for the next generation of astrophysical code development but also for the hardware and software infrastructure required for future computations. The subcommittee will produce Amicus Briefs at a cadence of once per 5 years or more frequently as is deemed necessary and useful by the CITA Inc.
national community.

The Chair will be responsible for organizing the committee and will provide a report (envisioned as a powerpoint update) at regular intervals to the CITA Council and the CITA Inc. community. On certain occasions, not envisioned to be more frequently than once per five years, this committee will draft a written report in the form of a White Paper with recommendations.

CITA Inc. Subcommittee on Displaced Scholars

Chair: Scott Tremaine
Current Members: Doug Johnstone, Peter Martin

The committee will evaluate applications to CITA’s visitor program from foreign scientists who face threats to their lives or their careers in their home countries. The committee will consider applications from post-Ph.D. researchers working mainly in theoretical astrophysics who plan an extended visit either to any university in Canada. It will meet on a case-by-case basis and make recommendations to the Director of CITA.

CITA Inc. Subcommittee on Particle Astrophysics & Fundamental Physics

Chair: Kaitlin Shutz, David Curtin
Members: Larry Widrow, Robert Brandenberger

The subcommittee on physics will work on interfacing with the theoretical physics community in areas of mutual interest. The subcommittee will consider how to engage with the CAP community which is not naturally captured in CASCA membership and seek out new members from the physics community. Prime examples of this are areas such as fundamental high energy theory which touches on early universe cosmology, astroparticle theory that touches on astrophysics directly and indirectly, and nuclear theory with its close connections to the study of neutron stars. These theorists might find a home either in CASCA or CAP or both and we would like to ensure they consider CITA an academic “home.”

The subcommittee will make recommendations to CITA Council on the best way to engage this community and will be charged with alerting the CITA Council to opportunities for CITA engagement and support. This may include mechanisms for membership in CITA Inc., synergizing with existing particle theorists (such as those at CITA Inc. institutions and at other endeavors like the Perimeter Institute, the McDonald Institute, and TRIUMF).