National Fellows

Photo of Robert Andrassy
Robert Andrassy
National Fellow Stellar hydrodynamics and evolution, mixing processes
Work University of Victoria Work Phone: (250) 721-8655
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Photo of Paolo Bianchini
Paolo Bianchini
National Fellow The study of the structure and internal dynamic of quasi-relaxed stellar systems, in particular the formation and evolution of globular clusters, using a combination of dynamical modeling, simulations and observations.
Work McMaster University, Hamilton Website:
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Photo of Kiyo Masui
Kiyo Masui
National Fellow Cosmology, large-scale structure of the Universe, radio astronomy, data analysis
Work University of British Columbia Website:
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Photo of Alexander Mead
Alexander Mead
National Fellow Cosmology, weak gravitational lensing, non-linear structure formation, dark energy, n-body simulations
Work University of British Columbia
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Photo of Raissa Mendes
Raissa Mendes
National Fellow Strong field tests of general relativity and modified theories of gravity, gravitational self-force, dark matter, quantum field theory in curved spacetimes.
Work University of Guelph
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Photo of Andy Pon
Andy Pon
National Fellow Molecular clouds, turbulence, low velocity shocks, superbubbles, filamentary gravitational collapse, first hydrostatic cores
Work University of Western Ontario Work Phone: (519) 661-2111 x80585 Website:
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Past National Fellows