National Fellows

Photo of Matthew Caplan
Matthew Caplan
National Fellow Astromaterials, neutron star crusts, neutron star mergers, explosive nucleosynthesis, nuclear pasta, biological membranes
Work McGill University Website:
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Photo of Zhuo Chen
Zhuo Chen
National Fellow Binary star, Computational astrophysics, Common envelope
Work University of Alberta Website:
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Photo of Chervin Laporte
Chervin Laporte
National Fellow Structure, formation and evolution of the Milky Way and its satellites; nature and distribution of dark matter, cosmological simulations
Work University of Victoria
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Photo of James Mertens
James Mertens
National Fellow Numerical relativity, cosmology
Work York University
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Photo of Jordan Mirocha
Jordan Mirocha
National Fellow First stars & black holes, galaxy formation & evolution, stellar feedback, reionization, 21-cm cosmology
Work McGill University
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Past National Fellows