Photo of J. Richard Bond
J. Richard Bond
Professor Astrophysics & Cosmology – Physics of the Very Early Universe; Origin and Evolution of Cosmic Structure; Cosmic Radiation Backgrounds; The Dark Matter & Dark Energy Problems; Particle and Gravitational Theory
Work MP 1419 Work Phone: (416) 978-6874 Website: www.cita.utoronto.ca/~bond/
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Photo of Peter Martin
Peter Martin
Professor Galactic Ecology, Star Formation, Dust Evolution, Gaseous Nebulae; using BLAST, Planck, Herschel Space Observatory (SPIRE and HIFI), JWST/ NIRCAM, International Galactic Plane Survey
Work MP 1417 Work Phone: (416) 978-6840 Website: www.cita.utoronto.ca/~pgmartin/
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Photo of Norman Murray
Norman Murray
Professor Nonlinear Dynamics, Solar System Dynamics, Solar Physics, Active Galactic Nuclei
Work MP 1402 Work Phone: (416) 978-1778 Website: www.cita.utoronto.ca/~murray/
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Photo of Ue-Li Pen
Ue-Li Pen
Interim Director What are the initial conditions for the universe? How can we improve astrophysics measurement techniques by orders of magnitude to answer precise questions, e.g. neutrino mass, gravitational waves, pulsar emission?
Work MP 1317 Work Phone: (416) 978-6477 Website: www.cita.utoronto.ca/~pen/wordpress/
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Photo of Chris Thompson
Chris Thompson
Professor high-energy astrophysics, neutron stars, magnetars
Work MP 1316 Work Phone: (416) 978-8784
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