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CITA Flagship Welcomes Back CITA + PI Day

CITA and Perimeter Institute gathered for CITA + PI Day on Friday May 19, 2023. These gatherings aim to foster interaction, collaboration, and sharing of new ideas in our common fields of interest through a series of informal talks followed by discussion.

CITA + PI Days are 1-day workshops that bring together students, postdocs, and faculty from CITA, the Perimeter Institute, and other departments at the University of Toronto and the surrounding area. They cover a broad range of topics in theoretical and computational (astro)physics.

The plenary speakers were:

  • Ana Bonaca (Carnegie Observatories) – Cosmology/Large Scale Structure
  • Nils Siemonsen (Perimeter Institute) – Strong Gravity/Gravitational Waves
  • Bart Ripperda (Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton; CITA) – Transients/Plasmas

Thank you to Reed Essick (CITA) and Neal Dalal (Perimeter) for organizing and to staff at both institutes for supporting the event.

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