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Professor J. Richard Bond Receives an Honorary Degree from SMU

nserc_1128On January 23, 2016, CITA Professor J. Richard Bond was one of two exemplary individuals presented with an honorary degree from Saint Mary’s University. He was bestowed a Doctor of Science, Honoris Causa degree from SMU to recognize his outstanding contributions to the field of cosmology.

A glowing account of Prof. Bond’s many accomplishments was published on SMU’s news webpage. SMU’s president and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Robert Summerby-Murray discusses the importance of such an award: “Granting an honorary degree is the highest honour a university can bestow. In celebrating the achievements of Dr. Bond and Ms. Johnston, we challenge our graduates to go out into the world and make a profound difference. Saint Mary’s University is proud to honour these two individuals whose accomplishments in business and science are so consistent with our scholarly mission. We look forward to welcoming them as Santamarians.”

Published: January 2016

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