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New Diagnostics of Exoplanet Atmospheres: Raman scattering

Antonija Oklopcic (Caltech)
January 30, 2017

(New?) opportunities & challenges in gravitational wave astronomy (for fundamental questions)

Luis Lehner (Perimeter Institute / Univ. of Guelph / Univ. of Waterloo)
January 23, 2017

Shock waves in gamma-ray bursts

Andrei Beloborodov (Columbia University)
January 12, 2017

APOSTLE blessings: solutions to the CDM small scale crisis

Julio Navarro (University of Victoria)
December 15, 2016

Signals from the Cosmic Dawn

Anastasia Fialkov (Havard ITC)
December 12, 2016

Electromagnetic and Gravitational Wave Signals from Merging Black Holes and Neutron Stars

Francois Foucart (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)
December 8, 2016

The story of a simpler universe

Enrico Pajer (Utrecht)
November 28, 2016

The Destructive Birth of Massive Stars and Massive Star Clusters

Anna Rosen (UCSC)
November 21, 2016

Long-period transiting exoplanets and their population

Dan Foreman-Mackey (University of Washington)
November 17, 2016

Galaxy halo masses, assembly bias, and implications for galaxy evolution from weak lensing measurements

Rachel Mandelbaum (Carnegie Mellon)
November 14, 2016

Surrogate models of gravitational waveforms from numerical relativity simulations of black hole mergers

Jonathan Blackman (Caltech)
November 10, 2016

The Late-Time Formation and Dynamical Signatures of Small Planets

Eve Lee (Berkeley)
November 3, 2016

Understanding primordial physics in a finite universe

Sarah Shandera (Penn State)
October 27 2016

Particle Colliders in the Sky

Annika Peter (UC Irvine/Ohio State)
October 24 2016

Probing Inflation with Space-Based Interferometry

Arthur Kosowsky (Pittsburgh)
October 17 2016

Mysterious Neutrinos: Cosmology, Dark Matter, and Stellar Collapse

George Fuller (University of California San Diego)
October 13 2016

The Care and Feeding of Star Forming Regions

Erik Rosolowsky (University of Alberta)
October 4 2016

Dissipation during inflation

Marco Peloso (University of Minnesota Minneapolis)
September 29 2016

Dense Star Clusters as LIGO Source Factories

Fred Rasio (Northwestern University)
September 26 2016

Dust polarization and interstellar turbulence

Marc Kamionkowski (Johns Hopkins)
September 23 2016

Simulating Galactic Winds on Supercomputers Using Cholla

Evan Schneider (University of Arizona)
September 19 2016