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Cristobal Petrovich is the Recipient of the 2015 Gruber Foundation Fellowship

Gruber2015_PetrovichThe 2015 Gruber Foundation Fellowship recipient is Cristobal Petrovich from Chile, who will spend the fellowship period at CITA (Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics) and the Center for Planetary Science at the University of Toronto, where the study of exoplanets is a very active research field. He plans to extend some of the theories of planet migration by taking into account the effects of stellar evolution and hopes to understand how the architecture of planetary systems change for different stellar populations.

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Pictured (left to right): Cristobal Petrovich (CITA), Lyman Page (Princeton), John Carlstron (Chicago), and Jerry Ostriker (Princeton). The last three shared the Gruber Cosmology Prize.





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