National Fellowship

As part of its mandate to promote research throughout Canada, CITA provides partial support for postdoctoral fellows working in theoretical astrophysics or closely related fields at Canadian universities through its National Fellows program.

The responsibility for identifying and nominating potential CITA National Fellows who will work at a given university lies with the faculty at the university. Only faculty at Canadian universities may submit nominations. If you are interested in a CITA National Fellowship, please check Canadian university websites for positions available.

For each prospective fellow, a nomination package including a supporting letter written by a member of faculty stating how the applicant is expected to contribute to the local research program and the applicant’s curriculum vitae, bibliography, statement of proposed research, and two to three letters of recommendations must be uploaded on the application website. There is no limit to the number of nominations a member of faculty may submit however, anyone submitting more than one nomination is asked to rank their nominees in order of preference, and give reasons for the ordering. The applications will be examined by CITA Council and ranked along with, and using the same standards as, applications for postdoctoral research fellows positions to be held at CITA.

Please contact any of the following faculty by email or check department websites for further research and application details:

Natasha Ivanova, University of Alberta ( /
Lorne Nelson, Bishop’s University (
University of British Columbia, Select Faculty (Contact: Gary Hinshaw, /
Alan Coley, Dalhousie University (
Andrew Cumming/Nick Cowan, McGill University (Contact: Kelly Lepo, Coordinator, McGill Space Institute, /
Hugh Couchman/James Wadsley, McMaster University ( /
Paul Charbonneau, Université de Montréal ( /
Julie Hlavacek-Larrondo, Université de Montréal (juliehl@ASTRO.UMontreal.CA /
Falk Herwig, University of Victoria ( /
Niayesh Afshordi, University of Waterloo ( /
Rodrigo Fernandez, University of Alberta ( /


Deadline for nominations and all letters of recommendation is November 15, 2017 for fellowships to start in the following academic year.

We are accepting applications now. Please submit applications via our application site.