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Martine Lokken receives the 2019 CITA Graduate Scholarship

 Martine Lokken is in her second year of the Astronomy and Astrophysics PhD program. She is affiliated with CITA and the Dunlap Institute through her work with Professors Dick Bond and Renée Hložek. She is interested in studying cosmology by characterizing the large-scale structure of matter in the universe through a combination of simulations and data. In her current project, she is investigating filamentary structure and superclustering in the Cosmic Web. By comparing properties of gas and dark matter in filaments between theory and observation, she aims to search for physics beyond the standard model of cosmology. Her previous research included work with the Megamaser Cosmology Project at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, near-field cosmology investigations at the University of Virginia, and a foray into galaxy morphology during an REU at the Institute for Astronomy in Hawai’i.

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