Jens Chluba recipient of the 2010 Tremaine Award

Jens-Chluba-recipient-of-the-2010-Tremaine-AwardChluba awarded for his work on cosmological recombination
The Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics, a nationally-supported research centre hosted by the University of Toronto, recognized one of its postdoctoral fellows, Jens Chluba, for his “outstanding research work at CITA”.

Chluba is the twelfth recipient of the Beatrice D. Tremaine Postdoctoral Fellowship. He was nominated for his work on the detailed physics during the cosmological recombination epoch, and in particular the cosmological recombination history.

The Tremaine fellowship was established by the father of CITA co-founder Scott Tremaine, Vincent Tremaine, in memory of Beatrice D. Tremaine to honour her lifelong interest in mathematics, science and learning.

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