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Abhinav Jindal receives the 2017 CITA Graduate Scholarship

My name is Abhinav Jindal, and I am currently a first year PhD student in the department of Astronomy and Astrophysics.
My undergraduate research was spent covering a wide range of research areas in the hopes that I would find the subject that fascinated me the most. I have worked on studying the effects of the cosmic environment on galaxy formation using a state of the art hydrodynamical cosmological simulation called the Horizon-AGN, searching for instabilities in the equations that govern the dynamics of protoplanetary disks which may lead to the formation of ring-like structures or planetesimals, and using pulsar timing to place constraints on distant solar system objects that may exist such as Planet Nine. Currently, for my AST1501 project, I am working on characterizing the atmosphere of a Super Earth called 55Cnc e, an exoplanet which may have water in its atmosphere.
Aside from my work, I enjoy participating in our outreach events and engaging with the public. I involve myself significantly in the graduate astronomy student union. I also enjoy playing guitar and daydreaming about the universe.
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