2007 Tremaine Award to CITA Postdoc Natasha Ivanova

MeyersIvanova awarded for work on neutron stars in globular clusters
Toronto, ON, Nov 9 — The Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics, a nationally-supported research center hosted by the University of Toronto, recognized one its postdoctoral fellows, Natasha Ivanova, for her `outstanding research work at CITA’.

Ivanova is the ninth recipient of the Beatrice D. Tremaine Postdoctoral Fellowship, given by the CITA council for outstanding research by a postdoctoral researcher. She was nominated for her work on interacting compact binaries, and in particular on studies of neutron stars in globular clusters. This research lead to a significant advance in our understanding of neutron star formation channels, as well as provided the link between the theory and observations for millisecond pulsars and low-mass X-ray binaries both in our and distant galaxies.

The Tremaine fellowship was established by the father of CITA co-founder Scott Tremaine, Vincent Tremaine, in memory of Beatrice D. Tremaine to honour her lifelong interest in mathematics, science and learning. “Congratulations and keep up the excellent work”, said Norm Murray, CITA Director when he presented the award to Ivanova.

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