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Saving our Future from Climate Change

Milan Ilnyckyj (CITA) // June 19, 2024

Abstract: My PhD dissertation examined the fossil fuel divestment movement at Canadian universities, and how participating in organizing it affected the political beliefs and behaviours of activists. In this seminar, I will put the research project in context: first discussing the features that make climate change such an intractable and threatening problem, and then discussing my research results in the context of what they teach us about how solving the problem may be possible. The talk will go in sequence through the main details about climate change and planetary habitability, today’s fossil fuel-dominated energy system, and a potential global climate-safe energy system.

Broadening Perspectives: CITA appreciates the diverse academic and professional expertise of its staff members and invites them to contribute to scholarly discussions by presenting on topics they are passionate about and have explored in-depth.

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