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Diffuse Neutrino Flux from Coronae of Supermassive Black Holes

Rostom Mbarek (University of Maryland) // May 27, 2024

Abstract: We present a generalized luminosity function for neutrinos produced in interactions of protons accelerated in coronae of supermassive black holes in Seyfert-like galaxies. The neutrino luminosity depends mainly on i) the coronal X-ray luminosity and radiation that correlates with it, along with ii) the black hole mass which sets the coronal size. We find that the cosmologically integrated neutrino luminosity could be consistent with the extragalactic diffuse IceCube signal. Within this scheme, more precise diffuse neutrino data in the TeV-PeV range in the next few years can constrain properties of obscured far UV radiation from the inner accretion disk, and provide clues on supermassive black hole populations at high redshifts.

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