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Astropy Cosmology: the Present and the Expanding Future

Nathaniel Starkman (University of Toronto)

January 23, 2023

Abstract: The astropy package is the most commonly used python library developed for the astrophysics community, and sits at the center of a broad ecosystem of interoperable packages. astropy.cosmology is the core astropy package for cosmology, providing tools for computing background quantities. It is often the first cosmology packages that new astrophysicists encounter. While research requires more specialized packages, the prominence and central location of astropy.cosmology prominence and central location present oppurtunities for interoperable cosmological research. This talk will provide an overview of current offerings in the astropy.cosmology package, and highlight future directions. In particular I will discuss my projects funded by the Astropy collaboration to increase interoperability between cosmology packages and enable machine learning and larger-than-memory computation with the astropy.cosmology package.