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Standard siren cosmology with compact binary coalescences

Jose Maria Ezquiaga (University of Chicago)

February 07, 2022

Abstract: Gravitational waves (GW) from compact binary coalescences are natural standard sirens since their amplitude is inversely proportional to the luminosity distance. Using GW data only, redshift information can be obtained if one identifies features in their mass distribution, allowing to self-calibrate the population of sources. In this talk I will present the prospects for probing the standard cosmological model using the entire population of compact binaries, from neutron stars to the heaviest black holes ground-based detectors could observe. In particular I will focus on the potential of GW cosmology to constrain the high-redshift expansion rate and the validity of general relativity at large scales. I will also discuss the impact of the unknown cosmic time evolution of the population of GW sources. Throughout the talk I will highlight the capabilities of both current and future GW detectors.