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Transport of radiation in neutron stars with different magnetic fields

Denis Gonzales (UBC)

December 16, 2021

Abstract: Neutron stars have a large range of magnetic fields, which make them manifest observationally as different types of X-ray sources. In this talk I will discuss both ends of the magnetic-field spectrum of neutron stars. First, I will discuss the transport of thermal radiation on weakly magnetized neutron stars, the so-called millisecond pulsars. I will focus particularly on the formation of their thermal emission and what we can learn by studying their atmospheres (e.g. cooling and EOS). Then, I am going to switch to the case of strongly magnetized neutron stars, the so-called magnetars. The strong magnetic field on these sources hints that their radiation might be substantially polarized. I will discuss both the thermal and non-thermal polarized X-ray emission of magnetars, and how polarimetric observations by the IXPE mission (scheduled for launch on 9th December 2021) will help us to constraint the properties of the surface and magnetosphere of these extreme objects.