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Probing the star-forming conditions of high-redshift galaxies with dust emission

Lichen Liang (CITA)

April 19, 2021

Abstract: ISM mass and star formation rate (SFR) are key properties of galaxies to constrain the star formation and feedback physics. Accurate measurement of these properties at high redshifts can be challenging due to various observational limitations. To overcome these challenges requires fundamental understanding of how galaxy SEDs are shaped. In this talk, I will update the audience by the latest studies on the impact of interstellar dust on galaxy SED using the FIRE cosmological zoom simulations. Specifically, I will focus on the key mechanisms for shaping the far-infrared SED of galaxies, with particular emphasis on the role of dust opacity and dust temperatures. I will also provide a thorough review of the IRX-beta problem, a commonly adopted method for correcting dust-obscured SFR at high redshifts, and assess the different sources of deviation and observational biases of this relation. The talk will link the theoretical study of galaxies at high redshift to observational constraints, and provide new insights into the growth of galaxies and the physical processes driving the cosmic star formation history.