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The RomulusC Simulation:Exploring Galaxy Evolution in Clusters at Unprecedented Resolution

Michael Tremmel (Yale)

November 14, 2019

Abstract: I present results from the RomulusC cosmological zoom-in simulation of a 10E14 Msun galaxy cluster. With 10E5 Msun and 250pc mass and spatial resolution respectively, this is one of the highest resolution simulations of a galaxy cluster ever completed. RomulusC can resolve multiphase structure in the intracluster medium, as well as dwarf galaxies down to stellar masses of 10E7 Msun. I discuss recent and current work being done with RomulusC to understand galaxy evolution in dense environments: 1) the evolution of the brightest cluster galaxy and the role of AGN feedback in regulating and quenching star formation, 2) how the evolution of cluster member galaxies and their SMBHs are affected by their extreme environment, and 3) the first self-consistent prediction for the origin of ultra-diffuse galaxies in clusters.