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Cosmology with cosmic neutral hydrogen

Francisco Villaescusa-Navarro (CCA)

April 18, 2018

Abstract: Current and upcoming radio-telescopes will trace the Universe”s large-scale structure in the post-reionization era by detecting the 21cm emission from cosmic neutral hydrogen (HI). Understanding the way HI is distributed across the Universe will help us to improve the theoretical model needed to extract the cosmological and astrophysical information from those surveys. I will show results on the abundance and clustering of HI obtained from a large box size state-of-the-art magneto-hydrodynamic simulation: IllustrisTNG. I will discuss the most important ingredients needed to model the spatial distribution of HI and show how to create accurate 21cm maps. I will then present some forecasts on how well future instruments will be able to constraint the nature of dark matter and the neutrino masses. Finally, I will discuss how to measure the position of the baryonic acoustic oscillation peak through single-dish observations.