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Astrophysical Turbulence from a Different Perspective

Jungyeon Cho (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

May 12, 2016

Abstract: Many astrophysical fluids are in turbulent state. To maintain turbulence, energy must be injected into the system. In turbulence simulations, it is customary to drive the fluids on a scale comparable to the size of the computational domain. In this talk, I will consider how statistics of turbulence is changed when we do not follow the conventional approach. First, I will talk about the effects of the driving scale. When we drive turbulence on a small scale, some turbulence statistics changes. I will discuss in detail how the Chandrasekhar-Fermi method is affected by the small-scale driving. Second, I will briefly discuss the effects of two-scale driving and other issues related to driving mechanisms. When time permits, I will also discuss other issues related to the driving mechanisms.