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Chemistry in Space: Herschel Results of a Spectral Survey in Orion

René Plume (University of Calgary)

May 03, 2016

Abstract: While the use of physics to understand the origins of galaxies, stars and planets is still fundamental, we have begun to realize that chemistry plays an important role in understanding the universe. The dynamical and physical evolution of a cloud of interstellar gas on its way to becoming a star and planetary system is also accompanied by an evolution of chemical species which play an important role in regulating this process. In this talk I will present results from the Herschel Space Observatory showing that a rich and complex chemistry exists deep in interstellar space. In particular, I will present results from a comprehensive spectral survey toward Orion South; a massive star forming region in the Orion Nebula. Using these data, I will show how we found evidence for three physically different cloud components. Based on a comprehensive chemical abundance comparison with the nearby massive star forming region Orion KL, I will also show that Orion South is chemically less evolved and, therefore, a much younger star forming region than Orion KL.