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Outflows from Active Galactic Nuclei: A Link Between Central Black Holes and their host Galaxies

Daniel Proga

December 13, 2012

Abstract: I review the results from multi-dimensional, time-dependent simulations of gas dynamics in active galactic nuclei (AGN). I will focus on two types of outflows powered by the AGN central engine: (i) outflows driven from the innermost part of an accretion disk and (ii) outflows driven from a large-scale inflow that is likely the main supplier of material to the central engine. I discuss the relevance of both types of outflows to the so-called AGN feedback problem. However, the AGN feedback should not be considered separately from the inner working of AGN. Therefore, I also discuss the issue whether the properties of the same outflows are consistent with the observed gas properties in broad- and narrow-line regions of AGN.