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Using stellar mass black holes to understand AGN

Chris Done

July 05, 2012

Abstract: I will review the spectral and timing properties of x-ray binaries, especially the behaviour seen as the source makes a transition from the low/hard to high/soft state. The broad band spectral evolution is well modelled by a truncated disc/hot inner flow geometry, where the truncation radius moves progressively towards the last stable orbit during the transition. Here I show that this same geometry can also quantatitively match the power spectral evolution, where fluctuations propagating through the hot flow (stirred up by the MRI) make the broad band continuum power spectra, and Lense-Thirring precession of the hot flow makes the prominent low frequency QPO. I will then take some of the insights on accretion in stellar mass black holes and see how they can help in interpreting AGN spectra.