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Mapping New Frontiers of Cosmic Acceleration

Michael Mortonson

January 23, 2012

Abstract: Over the past decade, a variety of observations have solidified the evidence for cosmic acceleration. In the next decade, many large surveys of the Universe will advance the traditional probes of acceleration and bring to prominence new methods for testing models of dark energy and modified gravity. I will review the main observational tools we have for investigating cosmic acceleration, using a new set of forecasts to demonstrate the complementarity between probes such as Type Ia supernovae, baryon acoustic oscillations, and weak lensing. I will show how the predicted constraints on dark energy and modified gravity parameters depend on survey characteristics and theoretical assumptions. There are many routes to obtaining a better understanding of cosmic acceleration, and while some may allow us to explore the unknown territory more effectively than others, in general it will be important to follow as many of the available routes as possible.