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Anomalous odd-parity preference of CMB anisotropy data

Jaiseung Kim

September 19, 2011

Abstract: A general function can be decomposed into a symmetric and antisymmetric part under a parity inversion, which are functions of an even and odd parity respectively. In this talk, I will discuss the anomalous odd-parity preference found in the large-scale CMB data, and its association with other anomalies. In the COBE and WMAP data, there is an intriguing lack of large-angle correlation, whose origin is unclear. I will show the odd-parity preference of CMB power spectrum is, in fact, a phenomenological origin of the angular correlation anomaly. Recently, cold and large dust grains in the outer part of the solar system were suggested for the underlying origin of various CMB anomalies. I will discuss our ongoing investigation and present the result of high-resolution component separation.