Post Doctoral Fellows

Photo of Rachael Alexandroff
Rachael Alexandroff
Post Doctoral Fellow Multi-wavelength astronomy; extragalactic astronomy, galaxy evolution, quasar feedback
Work AB 205
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Photo of Patrick Breysse
Patrick Breysse
Post Doctoral Fellow Cosmology, intensity mapping, large-scale structure, galaxy evolution
Home MP 1302
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Photo of Katerina Chatziioannou
Katerina Chatziioannou
Post Doctoral Fellow Gravitational Wave Astrophysics, General Relativity, Bayesian Data Analysis and Information Extraction
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Photo of Simon Foreman
Simon Foreman
Post Doctoral Fellow Cosmology: large scale structure, weak lensing, testing fundamental physics
Work MP 1415 Website:
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Photo of Carl-Johan Haster
Carl-Johan Haster
Post Doctoral Fellow Formation, evolution and analysis of compact binary objects, observable with gravitational waves. Development of computationally efficient analysis techniques for gravitational wave data analysis.
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Photo of Laura Keating
Laura Keating
Post Doctoral Fellow Cosmology, Intergalactic Medium, Reionization, Numerical Simulations
Home MP 1421
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Photo of Viswesh Marthi
Viswesh Marthi
Post Doctoral Fellow Techniques for 21-cm cosmology, VLBI Scintillometry
Work MP 1415
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Photo of Joel Meyers
Joel Meyers
Research Associate Early Universe Cosmology, Inflation, High Energy Physics, Particle Physics
Work MP 1401 Work Phone: (416) 978-1777 Website:
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Photo of Cristobal Petrovich
Cristobal Petrovich
Post Doctoral Fellow Gravitational dynamics, exoplanets, and accretion disks
Work MP 1301 Work Phone: 416-978-6852 Website:
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Photo of Matt Russo
Matt Russo
Post Doctoral Fellow How do protoplanetary disks accrete onto protostars, allowing planets to form? How do newly formed black holes accelerate the jets that cause gamma ray bursts?
Work MP 1302 Work Phone: (416) 978-8801
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Photo of Jamil Shariff
Jamil Shariff
Post Doctoral Fellow Cosmology: Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) polarization. Instrumentation including bolometric arrays and balloon-borne astrophysical experiments. Analysis of large CMB data sets.
Work MP 1312 Work Phone: 416-978-8494 Website:
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Photo of Dan Tamayo
Dan Tamayo
Post Doctoral Fellow How can we use analytical theories and numerical integrations of the dynamical evolution of planets and satellites to learn about their formation and subsequent history?
Work MP 1303 Work Phone: (416) 978-6877 Website: Research
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Photo of Terrence Tricco
Terrence Tricco
Post Doctoral Fellow Star formation, computational astrophysics, magnetohydrodynamics
Home MP 1421 Home Phone: (416) 978-8496 Website:
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Photo of Alex Van Engelen
Alex Van Engelen
Post Doctoral Fellow Cosmic structure formation and cosmic microwave background
Work MP 1405A Work Phone: (416) 978-6872 Website: Research
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Photo of Xin Wang
Xin Wang
Post Doctoral Fellow Large-scale structure, cosmological perturbation theory, modified gravity, early universe
Work MP 1304 Home Phone: 416-978-6852
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Photo of Almog Yalinewich
Almog Yalinewich
Post Doctoral Fellow Self Similar Solutions to the hydrodynamic equations, galactic centre, supernovae, tidal disruption events, gamma ray bursts and plasma physics.
Work MP 1302
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Photo of I-Sheng Yang
I-Sheng Yang
Post Doctoral Fellow Gravity, cosmology
Work MP1304 Work Phone: 416-978-8494
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Photo of Tova Yoast-Hull
Tova Yoast-Hull
Post Doctoral Fellow Cosmic Rays & Gamma-Rays & Neutrinos, Star-Forming Galaxies, Active Galactic Nuclei, Galactic Outflows
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Photo of Haoran Yu
Haoran Yu
Post Doctoral Fellow Cosmological structure formation, high performance cosmological simulation
Work MP 1301 Work Phone: (416) 978-3863 Website:
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Photo of Chenchong Charles Zhu
Chenchong Charles Zhu
Post Doctoral Fellow Research Interests: machine learning, software development, distributed computing, computational hydrodynamics, compact objects
Work MP 1207 Work Phone: 416-978-6240 Website:
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Photo of Wei Zhu
Wei Zhu
Post Doctoral Fellow Gravitational microlensing, planet detections and charaterization, planet-star correlations, dynamics
Work MP 1301 Website:
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Photo of Aaron Zimmerman
Aaron Zimmerman
Research Associate What will the impending detection of gravitational waves tell us about black holes? What can analytical methods reveal about black holes and gravitational waves?
Work MP 1413 Work Phone: (416) 978-1776 Website: Research
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