CITA is both an Institute within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of the University of Toronto, and a non-profit corporation (CITA, Inc.). Relations between the two CITAs are governed by a Letter of Agreement between CITA Inc. and the University of Toronto that was signed in 1989. The CITA Council consists of seven members, five selected from the CITA Inc. membership of over 50 researchers in co-operation with the Canadian Astronomical Society (of which they must also be members), and two ex officio: the Director of CITA and the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of the University of Toronto or their designate. Members of CITA Council as of January 1, 2015 are:

• Norman Murray, CITA Director

• Jay Pratt, Vice-Dean, Research and Infrastructure, FAS, U. of Toronto

• Andrew Cumming, McGill University (Chair of Council)

• Jason Fiege, University of Manitoba

• Julio Navarro, University of Victoria

• Natasha Ivanova, University of Alberta

• Eric Poisson, University of Guelph


CITA Council is assisted by a Scientific Advisory Board, which consists of internationally prominent astronomers and astrophysicists from around the world. The role of the Scientific Advisory Board is to ensure that CITA maintains the highest standards of scientific excellence and objectivity, to promote diversity, and to provide advice on best management practices.

• Peter Goldreich, Caltech (Chair)

• George Efstathiou, Cambridge

• Eve Ostriker, Princeton