Cosmic Web Lectures 2008, not readily available
van de Weygaert, Rien; Bond, J. R. 2008, 2008LNP...740..409V, Observations and Morphology of the Cosmic Web

van de Weygaert, Rien; Bond, J. R. 2008, 2008LNP...740..335V, Clusters and the Theory of the Cosmic Web

Sample of Bond Papers not on astroph or ADS:
Wadsley, J.W. and Bond, J.R. 2001, Shearing-Patch Sampling Applied to the Lyman-alpha Cloud/Intercloud Medium

Bond, J.R. 1996. Les Houches Lectures pdf. Theory and Observations of the Cosmic Background Radiation 469-674.
(1996 published version, plus minor corrections, 206 pages.)

 137 page version of Les Houches Lectures

Bond, J.R. 1998. Journal of Classical and Quantum Gravity. Cosmic Microwave Background Overview

Bond, J.R. 1997. Dahlem proceedings. Implications of the Background Radiation for Cosmic Structure Formation, 199-223.
(published version, updated for the 4 yr DMR data, etc.)

 Bond, J.R. 1997. Proceedings National Academy of Sciences. Cosmic Microwave Background Theory

Bond, J.R. 1997. in Critical Dialogues in Cosmology COSMIC PARAMETERS from the CMB circa SUMMER 96

Bond, J.R. 1993. Yukawa proceedings. Testing Inflation with the Cosmic Background Radiation, 23-55.