Guest speaker at  SOSCIP: Smart Computing of Innovation

         “Ue-Li Pen (Professor, University of Toronto), is using SOSCIP’s Blue Gene/Q to collect radio data from Canadian telescopes, including the Algonquin Radio Observatory, to achieve unprecedented precision of telescopic measurements and commercialize radio signal processing technology which could be useful to researchers, space agencies and other government departments. ” (Source: [SOSCIP]. (2017, April 18).  UofT’s Ue-Li Pen: pushing the frontier of new knowledge.

SOSCIP Research Project: Measuring our place in the universe with big data

         Read about SOSCIP’s article on Professor Ue-Li’s team who endeavour to develop the first web-based interface which will make virtual visual and audio access to a radio telescope possible and provide extremely useful data to researchers, space agencies and other governmental organizations.

Science News: After Big Bang, shock waves rocked newborn universe

            Read more about ScienceNews’s coverage on Dr. Pen’s Studies on early universe, big bang and shock waves 

The Globe and Mail Article: Canada’s largest radio dish finds life after decades of dormancy

McGill Podcast

             Listen to Dr. Pen’s discussion with AstroMcGill Podcasts on his involvement with the rehabilitation of the Algonquin Radio Observatory, and how it was used for radio pulsar scattering observations. 

Algonquin Campaign – Discovery Channel

The Shanghai Boom