Current Members

Fardin Syed, Undergraduate Student

Pulsar Scintillometry  

Ashley Stoke,  Graduate Student

Pulsar scintillometry and the interstellar medium

Daniel Baker, Graduate Student

Pulsar Scintillation and Black Holes as testing grounds for Quantum Gravity.

Alice Chen, Graduate Student

Cosmology, dark matter & dark energy, and large scale structure formation.

Dylan Jow, Graduate Student

Cosmology, gravitational waves, gravity.

Fangxi Lin, Graduate Student 


Emily Tyhurst, Graduate Student

N-body simulations, computational cosmology, and Quantum computation.

Geetam Mall, Graduate Student

Pulsar scintillation

Nina Gusinskaia, Post Doctoral Fellow

Multi-wavelength observations of accreting neutron stars and radio pulsars, pulsar scintillometry, radio interferometry, theories of gravity (tests of GR and alternatives).

José Miguel Jáuregui García, Post Doctoral Fellow

Astronomical instrumentation, 21-cm.

Jing Luo, Post Doctoral Fellow

Pulsar astronomy, Scintillometry software pipeline development, FRBS.

Rik van Lieshout, Post Doctoral Fellow

Scientific programming.

Hsiu-Hsien Lin, Post Doctoral Fellow

Fast Radio Bursts, Pulsar Astronomy, and VLBI.

James McKee, Post Doctoral Fellow

Pulsar Timing, Scintillometry.

Zhuo (Joyce) Wang, Staff

Research Project and Administrative Assistant.