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Main Research Interests:

Stellar evolution and nucleosynthesis: RGB Cool Bottom Processing, AGB Evolution and Hot Bottom Burning, Solar Models and Neutrinos, Helioseismology, Non-standard Solar Models, Stellar Opacities and Equation of State (last updated 7 Sep 2007)

[IMAGE: red giant; LINK: go to Stellar Evolution Papers] [IMAGE: Sun (and Mars); LINK: go to Sun Papers] [IMAGE: Kappa/EOS; LINK: go to Stellar Properties Fortran Programs]

HI mapping at intermediate Galactic latitude (GHIGLS): deep Green Bank Telescope surveys of 21-cm line emission in 37 targeted fields (see the GHIGLS Data Repository).
The VLA Galactic Plane Survey (VGPS): A combined interferometer + single-dish survey of 21-cm (1420 MHz) line emission from neutral atomic hydrogen (HI) in the Galaxy (see the VGPS website, and the CGPS page of the Canadian Astronomy Data Centre [CADC]). The VGPS is a component of the International Galactic Plane Survey (see the IGPS website).

[IMAGE: GHIGLS; link: go to GHIGLS paper] [IMAGE: from VGPS survey (HI); link: go to VGPS papers]

Molecular Hydrogen in the Interstellar Medium: H4 (H2+H2), H3 (H2+H), and HeH2 (He+H2, He+H): see also Peter Martin and Margot Mandy

[IMAGE: H2 + H2; LINK: go to H4 Papers] [IMAGE: H2 + H; LINK: go to H3 Papers] [IMAGE: He + H2; LINK: go to He+H2 Papers]

Papers, Preprints, Data, Fortran Programs:

Here are some papers/preprints, also data and Fortran programs. Most papers are available as PDF files and/or as gzip-compressed PostScript files (with embedded figures).

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