I am a CITA postdoctoral fellow at University of Toronto. Before joining the CITA, I was a CITA National Fellow at University of British Columbia for two years, studying star-formation at high redshifts using protoclusters as well as cross-correlation between cosmic infrared background (CIB) and optical images. I earned my PhD degree from University of Massachusetts Amherst with comprehensive work on galaxy formation, under the supervision of Prof. Houjun Mo. Particularly, I studied how galaxies evolve in dark matter haloes and different environments, using simple analytic models and statistics with observations as constraints. Most of these works are based on the low-redshift group catalogs of Lim et al. (2017), which can be downloaded here. My research interests also include formation and evolution of dark matter haloes and large-scale structures, and cosmology. Please see Publications and Research for more details about my research.

The group catalogs of Lim et al. (2017) can be downloaded here.