Pictures & Movies

Orbiting black holes

Movie (150MB!) of the gravitational waves from orbiting binary black holes. The small grey disks show the deformation due to the passing gravitational waves. This image is part of a Simulation performed in collaboration with Caltech/Cornell. Movie(115MB!) of inspiral, merger and ring-down of two non-spinning holes. The lower half of the 3-D image shows the orbital plane, with height indicating curvature of space, color rate-of-flow f time, and arrows dragging of space into a swirling motion. Simulation performed in collaboration with Caltech/Cornell.

Event horizons

Event horizons for a head-on collision of two black holes. (computed by Caltech graduate student Mike Cohen)


One to rule them all: This picture was made around the time of the LotR movies. Fortunately, this ring is hidden inside a black hole (which isn't shown), so no danger.
Domain-decomposition of the BBH evolutions: Shells surrounded by cylinders, surrounded by shells.

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