Ue-Li Pen


Address: McLennan Labs, 60 St George St, Toronto, ON, M5S 3H8, Canada.
Phone: (416) 978-6477 FAX: (416) 978-3921 e-mail: pen@cita.utoronto.ca
Birth date and place: July 26, 1967 in Giessen, Germany.
Citizenship: Canadian


1992-1995 Ph.D., Department of Astrophysical Sciences, Princeton University.
1993 NASA High Performance Computational Physics Summer School.
1989-1991 M.Sc., Department of Electrophysics, National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan.
1985-1989 B.Sc., Department of Mathematics, National Taiwan University, Taiwan.
Research Awards:
2000 CFI new opportunities grant, $400000
1999-2002 NSERC research grant, $31500/yr
1998-2000  Co-I, NASA Astrophysics Theory grant, "Structure and Evolution of X-ray Clusters".
1998 Harvard University Milton Fund
1997-1998 NCSA 64500 hour computing award
1998-2002 Canadian Institute for Advanced Research scholar
1995-1998 Harvard University Junior Fellow
1995 1 st place, Digital Equipment Co. and Pittsburgh Supercomputer Center Technical Computing Contest
1994-1995 Princeton Porter Ogden Jacobus Fellowship. Citation reads:
The highest honorific fellowship awarded by the Graduate School is conferred annually upon the student who, in the judgment of the University faculty, displayed the highest scholarly excellence.
1994 Ray Grimm Computational Physics Prize.
1990-1991 Taiwan Ministry of Education Graduate Scholarship.
1984 University of Waterloo Descartes Scholar.
1984 British Columbia Scholar.
1998-present Assistant professor, CITA, Physics, Astronomy, University of Toronto
Research Interests:
Theoretical cosmology: structure formation, topological defects, clusters of galaxies, CMB, early universe.
Language Proficiencies:
Fluent and literate in English, German and Chinese (Mandarin); reading ability in French.
Qualifications: Licensed water life saver and life saver trainer in Taiwan.
Hobbies: Swimming, travel, hiking.