Initial Conditions

Parallel initial condition generator:

A slab decomposition Fortran 90 parallel cosmological initial condition generator for use with PMFAST can be obtained here.
Files required for generating initial dark matter particle distributions and instructions are included, however one would require CMBFAST to create alternative transfer functions.
The only required software for this generator is a Fortran 90 compiler, MPI-1 library, and FFTW 2.1.5 compiled with MPI and Fortran bindings in single precision.

Pre-made conditions:

If one would like to get started quickly, the following small initial condition file should suffice for testing the code:

160^3 total grid, 512000 particles, fine grid = 128 cells, 2 nodes, 12 MB

In addition to this one will require a Fortran 90 utility to decompose this data into seperate particle lists for PMFAST.

This distribution was produced using the following cosmological parameters:

real, parameter :: box_size = 100 !Size of simulation volume in Mpc/h
real, parameter :: sigma_8=0.84
real, parameter :: omegab=0.044
real, parameter :: omegam=0.270
real, parameter :: omegal=0.730
real, parameter :: z_initial=100

Other generators:

One may also be interested in obtaining grafic2, a gaussian random field generator for cosmological simulations.