GRAVITAS: Portraits of a Universe in Motion

Animations: John Dubinski
Music: John Kameel Farah
(DVD - NTSC format)

"... Gravitas points clearly at ties between the ideas of Isaac Newton and the music of Bach. To do this with sounds and images that appeal to club kids and new music fans equally is a major achievement."
- John Terauds, Toronto Star, March, 9 2006 (read review)

"Gravitas is a truly elegant creation. Visually, each segment is moving digital art that's even more hypnotic when projected onto a large wall."
- Mark Hasan, KQEK, 2007 (read review)

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1. Cosmic Cruise
2. Galactic Encounters
3. Swarm
4. Nightfall
5. Klemperer's Dream
6. Spiral Metamorphosis
7. Future Sky
8. Galaxies in Collision
9. Metamorphosis in 3-D



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From the cover

GRAVITAS is a visual and musical celebration of the beauty in a dynamic universe driven by gravity. Animations from supercomputer simulations of forming galaxies, star clusters, galaxy clusters, and galaxy interactions are presented as moving portraits of cosmic evolution. Billions of years of complex gravitational choreography are presented in 9 animations - each one interpreted with an original musical composition inspired by the exquisite movements of gravity. The result is an emotive and spiritually uplifting synthesis of science and art.

Astrophysicist John Dubinski combines a knowledge of cosmology, galaxy dynamics and computer graphics to create breathtaking portraits of a universe in motion. Composer-pianist John Kameel Farah merges the soundworlds of renaissance and baroque counterpoint, free improvisation, Middle-Eastern music, minimalism, techno and electronica to create a musical feast that crosses time and dimension.


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