Sackler Technical Talk: Redshift-Space Distortions in the Galaxy Distribution

Sackler Speaker: Alexander Szalay (Johns Hopkins University)

GalaxiesAbstract: The talk will discuss how redshift space distortions due to the motion of galaxies affect a feature in the correlation function due to Baryon Acoustic Oscillations.  The talk will also present results from analyzing the SDSS Main Galaxy Survey. We will discuss the impact of using unusual geometries in computing the galaxy correlation function. We show that redshift-space distortions can substantially sharpen the BAO peak in directions close to the line of sight. We also demonstrate a detection of Baryon Acoustic Oscillations even in this relatively shallow galaxy sample.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015
3.00 pm

McLennan Physics Rm 203

A Q&A session will be held after the talk in the Physics Lounge, MP 110.


Dr. Szalay also gave a Public Lecture entitled “The Fourth Paradigm: How Big Data is Changing Science”

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