Past National Fellows


Name Years Research Interests PhD Institution Host Inst. Nominator
Kiyo Masui 2016-2018 Cosmology, large-scale structure of the Universe, radio astronomy, data analysis   University of British Columbia Gary Hinshaw
Raissa Mendes 2016-2017 Strong field tests of general relativity and modified theories of gravity, gravitational self-force, dark matter, quantum field theory in curved spacetimes.   University of Guelph  Eric Possion
Robert Andrassy 2015-2017 Stellar hydrodynamics and evolution, mixing processes   University of Victoria  Falk Herwig
Alexander Mead 2015-2017 Cosmology, weak gravitational lensing, non-linear structure formation, dark energy, n-body simulations   University of British Columbia  Ludo Van Waerbeke
Andrew Pon 2015-2017 Molecular Clouds, turbulence, low velocity shocks, superbubbles, filamentary gravitational collapse, first hydrostatic cores  University of Western Ontario  Shantanu Basu
Antoine Stugarek 2014-2016 Solar and stellar physics, dynamo action, star-planet interactions, space weather, and high performance computing  Université de Montréal Université de Montréal  Paul Charbonneau
Dan Wilkins 2013-2015 Black Holes, Active Galactic Nuclei, Accretion, General Relativity, X-ray Astronomy and High Performance Computing University of Cambridge St Mary’s University Prof Luigi Gallo
Kathryn Volk 2013-2015 Planetary science: outer solar system, Kuiper belt, orbital dynamics University of Arizona The University of British Columbia Brett Gladman
Joachim Harnois-Deraps 2012-2014 Interacting galaxies, dual AGNs, galaxy formation theory University of Toronto University of British Columbia Ludovic Van Waerbeke
Jorge Moreno 2012-2014 Interacting galaxies, dual AGNs, galaxy formation theory University of Pennsylvania University of Victoria Sara Ellison
Stephen Green 2012-2014 general relativity, cosmology University of Chicago University of Guelph Luis Lehner and Eric Poisson
Graeme Addison 2012-2014 Dusty star-forming galaxies, the Sunyaev Zel’dovich effect, large-scale structure University of Oxford University of British Columbia Mark Halpern
Duncan Hanson 2012-2014 Background radiation University of Cambridge McGill University Gil Holder
Tim Johannsen 2012-2014 High-energy astrophysics, black holes, gravitation, observational tests of general relativity University of Arizona University of Waterloo Avery Broderick
Rebecca Danos 2012-2014 Cosmic Ray Diffusion, Supernova Remnants McGill University University of Manitoba Samar Safi-Harb
Yin-Zhe Ma 2011-2013 Cosmic Microwave Background, peculiar velocity field, 21cm University of Cambridge University of British Columbia Douglas Scott and Kris Sigurdson
Guilhem Lavaux 2011-2013 Large-scale structures of the Universe, Cosmic Microwave Background, galaxy peculiar velocities, spectroscopic redshift survey Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris/Universite Paris 11 University of Waterloo Michael J. Hudson
Enrico Barausse 2011-2013 Gravitational Waves, Cosmology, Modified theories of gravity SISSA, Trieste, Italy University of Guelph Luis Lehner
Else Starkenburg 2011-2013 Formation and evolution of the Milky Way and its satellites, semi-analytical modeling, stellar spectroscopy, first stars Kapteyn Astronomical Institute, Groningen, the Netherlands University of Victoria Julio Navarro
Chang-Goo Kim 2011-2013 Star Formation, Interstellar Medium, Structure Formation in Spiral Galaxies, Numerical Gas Dynamics Seoul National University University of Western Ontario Shantanu Basu
Gilles Ferrand 2011-2013 numerical simulations of particle acceleration in supernova remnants and superbubbles Université de Toulouse University of Manitoba Samar Safi-Harb
Hendrik Hildebrandt 2010-2012 weak lensing magnification, high-z clusters, Lyman-break galaxies, photometric redshifts Argelander-Institut fuer Astronomie, University of Bonn University of British Columbia Ludovic van Waerbeke
Evgeny Sorkin 2010-2012 Gravitational physics, mathematical and numerical relativity; black holes of high energy physics The Hebrew University of Jerusalem University of British Columbia Matt Choptuik/Bill Unruh
Jesus Zavala Franco 2010-2012 Indirect searches for dark matter, cosmological simulations of structure formation, formation and evolution of disk galaxies National Autonomous University of Mexico University of Waterloo Michael Balogh
Nathan Kaib 2010-2012 small body dynamics of the Solar System, planet formation, astrobiology University of Washington Queen’s University Martin Duncan
Elizabeth Tasker 2009-2011 Galaxy and star formation Oxford University McMaster University Ralph Pudrtitz & James Wadsley
Aaron Dutton 2009-2011 Galaxy Formation, Dark Matter ETH Zurich University of Victoria Julio Navarro
Aaron Dotter 2008-2010 Stellar evolution, stellar populations Dartmouth College University of Victoria Don VandenBerg
Edward Pope 2008-2010 physics of the intracluster medium, AGN feedback University of Southampton University of Victoria Julio Navarro & Don Vandenberg
Marc van der Sluys 2009-2010 Evolution of stars and (compact) binaries, gravitational-wave astronomy Utrecht University University of Alberta Natasha Ivanova
Stinson Greg 2007-2009 SPH Simulations of Galaxy Formatio University of Washington McMaster University Hugh Couchman
Ian Dobbs-Dixon 2007-2009 radiative hydrodynamics, planetary atmospheres, planetary formation and evolution, tidal interactions, compact binaries, accretion disks University of California at Santa Cruz McGill University Andrew Cummings
Chris Cameron 2008-2009 Asteroseismology, Stellar Evolution University of British Columbia Saint Mary’s University David Guenther
Kai Cai 2006-2008 Circumstellar disks; Protostellar jets and outflows Indiana University McMaster University Ralph Pudritz
Matija Cuk 2006-2008 Planetary dynamics Cornell University University of British Columbia Brett Gladman
Heymans Catherine 2005-2006 Weak Gravitational Lensing Oxford University, UK University of British Columbia Ludovic Van Waerbeke
Christopher Blake 2004-2006 observational cosmology UBC Douglas Scott
Rob Thacker 2004-2006 large scale structure, galaxy formation, parallel N-body codes Queens Larry Widrow
Eduard Vorobyov 2004-2006 star formation, ISM University of Western Ontario Shantanu Basu
Mario Abadi 2003-2005 Small and Large Scale Structure of the Universe UVic Julio Navarro
Martin Snajdr 2003-2005 Numerical relativity UBC Matt Choptuik
Stefan Groot Nibbelink 2002-2004 Early Universe, Cosmology, Particle Physics UVic Maxim Pospelov
Anupam Mazumdar 2002-2004 Early Universe McGill Jim Cline
Sean Matt 2002-2004 MHD Jets, Computational Astrophysic McMaster Ralph Pudritz and Hugh Couchman
Stephen Fairhurst 2001-2003 black holes, gravitational waves, quantum gravity UAlberta Don Page
Luis Lehner 2001-2003 numerical relativity UBC Matthew Choptuik
Maxim Lyutikov 2000-2002 plasma processes, pulsar emission mechanisms McGill Victoria M. Kaspi
Joachim Stadel 2000-2002 cosmology, computational science UBC Julio F. Navarro
James Wadsley 2000-2002 theoretical astrophysics, cosmology McMaster Hugh Couchman and Ralph Pudritz
S. Mukohyama 1999-2001 black hole entropy, cosmology, superstring theory Kyoto Werner Israel
S. Ansoldi 1998-2000 cosmology, superstrings, quantum gravity UVic, UAlberta Mark Halpern, Douglas Scott
E. Prierapoli 1998-2000 cosmology UBC
P. Wiegert 1998-2000 solar system and stellar dynamics, celestial mechanics, numerical integration York Kim Innanen
Rachid Ouyed 1997-1999 young stellar objects, MagnetoHydroDynamics St. Mary’s David Guenther
D. Craig 1996-1998 quantum cosmology UAlberta D. Page
Y. Gusev 1996-1998 quantum gravity UAlberta Werner Israel
Mike Hudson 1995-1997 cosmic velocity fields, large scale structure UVic D. Harwick
M.-H. Lee 1995-1997 galactic nuclei, gravitational lenses, solar system dynamic Queen’s Martin Duncan
D. McManus 1994-1996 Kaluza-Klein theory, cosmic strings, cosmological models Dalhousie A. Coley
X. Shi 1994-1996 neutrino astrophysics, dark matter Queen’s Larry Widrow
R. Szczerba 1994-1996 carbon stars, planetary nebulae UCalgary Sun Kwok
D. Salopek 1993-1995 cosmology, quantum gravity UAlberta D. Page
G. Hayward 1992-1994 gravitational thermodynamics, quantum gravity UAlberta D. Page
T. Zannias 1992-1994 gravitational collapse, astrophysics in strong gravitational fields Queen’s Kayll Lake
A. Barvinsky 1991-1993 quantum gravity, quantum cosmology UAlberta D. Page
M. Morris 1990-1992 general relativity, wormholes Waterloo R. Mann
D. Witt 1990-1992 mathematical relativity, quantum gravity UBC W. Unruh
J.-P. Arcoragi 1989-1991 nucleosynthesis in massive stars U. Montreal P. Bastien
K. Volk 1989-1991 AGB stars, planetary nebulae, IRAS data analysis UCalgary Sun Kwok
L. Waters 1989-1991 stellar winds, Be stars UWestern J. Marlborough
T. Gaetz 1988-1990 radiative shocks, gas dynamics, Be stars Western J. Landstreet
S. Habib 1988-1990 quantum gravity, gravitational waves, statistical mechanics UBC W. Unruh
T. Hasegawa 1988-1990 interstellar chemistry, dark clouds St. Mary’s G. Mitchell
R. Laflamme 1988-1990 quantum gravity, cosmolog UBC W. Unruh