Support for visits by CITA Fellows to Canadian Institutions

1. Purpose

The aim of this program is to promote professional interactions within the Canadian theoretical astrophysics community, by helping to defray the travel costs of CITA staff who are invited to visit Canadian universities outside Toronto.


2. Eligibility

The conditions for eligibility are:

(i)        For the purpose of this program, CITA ‘staff’ includes all postdoctoral fellows and research associates, as well as long-term visitors to CITA (visiting for at least one month). Anyone holding an NSERC Research Grant at CITA is not eligible for this program.

(ii)       The institution issuing the invitation must be a Canadian university.

(iii)      The travel must be for the purpose of scientific collaboration and/or one or more lectures or colloquia. Travel for the purpose of attending a scientific meeting is not supported.

(iv)      A request must be made in writing to the Director of CITA via email ( before travel begins, either by the staff member or by the inviting institution.  Since the funds available are limited, the Director may, at his discretion, decide that any individual trip will not be supported.


3. Financial Support

CITA will reimburse the institution that issues the invitation for half of the travel and accommodation costs associated with the staff member’s visit, up to a maximum of $500 per trip.


4. Method of Payment:

CITA will reimburse the inviting institution directly, upon receipt of an invoice along with copies of receipts for transportation and accommodation and a covering letter stating the total cost of the trip to the inviting institution.