Support for Scientific Meetings

1. Purpose

The aim of this program is to promote interaction, collaboration, and exchange of scientific results within the Canadian and international theoretical astrophysics communities. The program attempts to stimulate the organization of scientific workshops and conferences, and to defray at least some of the cost. This program has neither the intent nor the resources to replace the major sources of funding that should be sought from other bodies, including NATO, the IAU, and registration fees, but for major meetings this program might be used to complement other funding sources.

CITA is committed to diversity and would like to see an effort made to promote and increase the participation of women and other underrepresented groups.

2. Types of Meeting Supported

CITA has provided support for a variety of meeting types, which can be classified into four broad categories. The categories are listed below in decreasing order of priority for support:

(i) Regular Meetings: CITA has traditionally initiated, supported, and helped to organize a 2-3 day scientific meeting of Canadian theoretical astrophysicists (the “Kingston Meeting”), held at a location rotated around the country. We provide travel expenses for some invited speakers and defray local organizing costs in order to minimize registration fees.

(ii) Workshops: We have found that an especially productive format is a two-day workshop on a highly specialized topic. Such workshops can be held on a Friday and Saturday so that participants with teaching duties miss only one day of classes. Typically these attract 30-60 participants. They are inexpensive meetings since the participants pay for all of their expenses, with CITA resources used for local organization and occasional travel support for invited speakers.

(iii) Major Conferences: There are large or long meetings (including summer schools outside of Toronto) that could not be funded by CITA alone, but for which joint sponsorship by CITA offers some advantages. They range in duration from a few days to two weeks. CITA contributions to such meetings are intended to defray costs that cannot be obtained from other sources (e.g. travel and registration costs for graduate students).

(iv) Miscellaneous: On a case by case basis, CITA will consider sponsorship for meetings not falling into any of the categories above.

3. Application procedure:

Any member of the Canadian astrophysics community can seek support for a meeting under this program. Complete and submit a CITA sponsorship request form, along with any additional information, for the proposed meeting early in the planning stage. Further information may be requested by the Director, who will then bring the application to the CITA Council for decision at its next meeting (normally held in December).

4. Method of Payment:

We require an official invoice from the host institution stating the specific use of the funds requested. Upon receipt of this invoice, CITA will issue a cheque to the host institution. The applicant is responsible for maintaining all financial records for the meeting that might be required for reimbursement. A financial statement should be sent to CITA after the meeting is over.