CITA Senior Fellowship

1. Purpose and Source of Funding

 The purpose of the CITA Senior Fellowship program is to support extended visits to CITA by astronomers located at Canadian Institutions other than the University of Toronto. This program is supported by funds provided by the School of Graduate Studies and the Faculty of Arts and Science of the University of Toronto. Before 1996, it was supported by the Astronomy Department of the University of Toronto under the name Reinhardt Fellowship.


2. Eligibility

The conditions for eligibility are:

(i)              Applicants should hold a full time salaried position at a Canadian University.

(ii)            Applicants should have a recognized record of recent achievement in astronomy, astrophysics or a closely related discipline.


3. Application

Applications should be made in writing to the Director of CITA. The application should specify the time period involved and the level of financial support requested. The application should include a detailed curriculum vitae.  Applications must be received by September 15 and December 15 to be acted on at the fall and winter CITA Council meetings.



4. Financial Support

Two categories of visits may be supported:

(i)              Sabbatical Leave: In this case the visitor will be receiving partial support from his/her home institution. CITA Council will decide on some top-up of the remainder of the applicant’s usual salary.

(ii)            Release Leave: In this case, CITA may offer full or partial salary support for a period of up to one academic term or semester (maximum of four months). The support would be intended to release the applicant from all of his/her teaching and administrative duties for the duration of the fellowship.


5. Conditions

(i)              As a general principle, visitors are expected to spend at least 50% of the supported time in residence at CITA.

(ii)            Before support is paid, the Director must receive a letter from the applicant’s department head, Dean or other responsible official that describes the financial and other terms of the leave. In no case will CITA provide support that would lead to a total salary that exceeds the applicant’s current full time salary.

(iii)          CITA will not provide travel support for such visits, nor will it provide financial support for the visitor’s research while he/she is at CITA. However, use of the CITA computers is free.

(iv)          Depending upon availability, CITA may make available to the applicant a room at Massey College.