2008 – Roger Blandford

Roger Blandford, FRS, FAAAS, a Cambridge graduate, is the founding Director of the Kavli Institute of Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology at Stanford University and SLAC, which he took up after 27 years as a Caltech professor.

He established Caltech as one of the major theory centres in the world, and he has now done the same at KIPAC. Among his many honours, including the Eddington Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society and Heineman Prize of the American Astronomical Society, he is a Member of the National Academy of Sciences, and heads the next decadal review defining the future of astrophysics in the US, the “Blandford Report”. His research covers almost all of astrophysics, in particular black holes and compact objects, cosmic ray physics and high energy astrophysics, cosmology and gravitational lensing.


Public Lecture: Black Holes: End of Time or a New Beginning

Technical Talk: Fermi and the Origin of Cosmic Rays