Sackler Lectures

CITA’s association with Raymond Sackler began when Scott Tremaine, CITA Director “emeritus”, was a Sackler Scholar in Cambridge, and was followed by a visit to Sackler in NY to interest him in CITA. Simon Lilly, a “star” in the UofT Astronomy Department, had also been a Sackler Scholar in Cambridge. In August 1996, the Sacklers made an endowment of $55,000 CDN to fund the Raymond and Beverly Sackler Visiting Astrophysicist Program to support an internationally distinguished theorist who would visit CITA, give two talks, one major popular presentation and one more technical, and strongly interact with our CITAzens. CITA considers the Sackler Lecture period to be “the highlight of the academic year at CITA, and to play a prominent role in the Institute’s academic life”.

2017– Vicky Kalogera

2015 – Alexander Szalay

2014 – Ellen Zweibel

2013 – Joe Silk

2011 – Donald Lynden Bell

2010 – Leonard Susskind

2009 – Jerry Ostriker

2008 – Roger Blandford

2007 – Kip Thorne

2006 – Scott Tremaine

2005 – Rashid Sunyaev

2004 – Christopher McKee

2003 – George Efstathiou

2002 – Andrei Linde

2001 – John Bahcall

2000 – Jim Peebles

1999 – Frank Shu

1998 – Peter Goldreich

1997 – Sir Martin Rees